Embedded Mobile Systems
and visit Germany

ISU 2019

isu-grossOstfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbuettel, Germany, invites you to the International Summer University (ISU 2019).
Meet german and international students, study
" Embedded Mobile Systems "
and visit Germany.

Excursions will take you to Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg and to Berlin capital, for example. Learn about German language and culture . 

Facts in brief

  • Location: Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
    Department of Computer Science
    Wolfenbuettel, Germany
  • Date: May 19th - June 1st, 2019
  • Course fees: 450 €, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and excursions
  • Registration (coming soon):
    until February 25th, 2019
  • Credited jointly with 5 CP (EU)

Courses and Schedule

Autonomous driving & ethics

Cover ISU 2019

In this course, you will learn about how self-driving cars work and you will take a crack at your very first autonomous vehicle project - finding lane lines on the road!

Tracking objects over time is a major challenge for understanding the environment surrounding a vehicle. Path planning routes a vehicle from one point to another, and it handles how to react when emergencies arise. Ultimately, a self-driving car is still a car, and we need to send steering, throttle and brake commands to move the car through the world.

The lecture will teach disciplines such as a fusion of sensor data, localization, path planning, control, and system integration.

During the lab sessions, participants can apply their acquired knowledge in pratice and design their own autonomous vehicle.

Detailed schedule coming soon.


Berlin and Potsdam

  • Sight Seeing tour Berlin
  • Potsdam


  • Town walk
    e.g. birth place of Carl-Friedrich Gauss


  • Town walk
  • Duke August Library


  • Autostadt
  • Factory Tour Volkswagen AG
    128 years ago German pioneers invented the automobile. Today Europe's largest car manufacturer Volkswagen is located in the region of Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel in Wolfsburg. Meet workers and engineers at the assembly lines and inspect the latest models of Volkswagen.


  • German Emigration Center





Volkswagen Factory Wolfsburg:



German culture and language


Visit Germany and get an insight into German history, culture and language.

The region Braunschweig/Wolfenbuettel will lead you back to the Middle Ages, and in Berlin, Germany's capital, you will come in touch with the former border line between East and West. In Potsdam you can feel the glory of Prussian Kingdom.


  • German Language, History and Culture (Course GL; see schedule)


  • Berlin, German capital, City tour, Reichstag - Parliament Building, Chancellory, Former line of the Iron Curtain
  • Potsdam: Sanssouci: former summer palace of Frederick the Great








The city of Wolfenbuettel (Wolfenbüttel) is located in the southeast of Lower-Saxony (Niedersachsen), a state in the north of Germany. Nearby bigger cities are Brunswick (Braunschweig), 10 miles north, and Hanover (Hannover), 40 miles west of Wolfenbuettel, with an international airport.


Address for visitors

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
Department of Computer Science
Am Exer 2
38302 Wolfenbüttel

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