Career Service

The Career Service assists students with planning their career and transition into the professional world. We help graduates to access their chosen profession. In addition to technical and transferable skills, the ability  to market themselves is supported. Here, various high school programs are combined.

Career Service – Consulting

The Career Service can give advice in all aspects of career-entry preparation. This includes:

  • Developing personal career goals
  • Advising on work experience and career entry
  • Facilitating contacts between students and companies
  • Giving advice on the application process (for German and English applications)

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Career Service – Key Competences

The Career Service supports you with an extensive range of seminars to aid in the development of your key competences. Transferable skills complement professional qualifications and are of great importance in both professional and private life. They enable you to:

  • solve problems
  • be a successful member of a team
  • work in an interdisciplinary manner

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