A study period abroad requires a lot of preparation before you leave your home country. These are the key points that you need to think about:


Monthly living expenses at a glance:

Accommodation: 250 – 400 €/month

Living: 300 – 500 €/month

German health insurance: approx. 90 €/month

Semester contribution: 250 – 350 €/semester (depending on the campus)

Even though you are studying at a partner university, you need to pay the semester contribution (excluding the administration fees). The semester contribution includes a semester ticket for public transportation in Lower Saxony and access to the facilities of Ostfalia e.g. the Computer network.

Further information as to the cost of living in Germany can be found here.


The International Student Office supports you to find a suitable accommodation for your stay in Germany. Accommodation for exchange students is provided by the Studentenwerk. Please fill out the Accommodation authorization, so that the International Student Office can apply for a room in your name. Vacant apartments will be offered to the International Student Office. Since the offers/contracts are completely written in German, the International Student Office forwards the offer/contract to you with an English translation.

Room types at the Studentenwerk range from single rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom to individual apartments. Rents range from 250 – 400 € including electricity, water, heating and internet. Additionally, you have to pay a deposit before moving in. When you move out, this deposit will be refunded, given that nothing has been damaged. The rooms are fully furnished, but without blankets, pillows and mattresses. The Studentenwerk offers a so called starter package for you that you can buy before moving in.

The International Student Office can only support your search for an accommodation. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed by the University.

Health Insurance

In Germany a health insurance is mandatory for all students. Without a sufficient insurance cover, you cannot be enrolled at Ostfalia University. Please note that a travel insurance is not sufficient for a successful enrolment. Travel policies do not provide adequate cover.

If you come from a EU member state you are covered by your national health scheme. Please enclose a copy of your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) with your application documents. Make sure that your EHIC card is valid for the whole study period of your stay in Germany.

If you come from a Non EU state you need to take out a German health insurance policy after your arrival in order to get enrolled. The International Students' Office will provide you support. This student health insurance is 90€ per month (November 2018).



Buddy Programme

To help you transition to your life in Germany and at Ostfalia University, the Buddy Programme connects you with a local student. Your buddy can provide you with a friendly face and a helping hand at the beginning of your stay. Even before your arrival in Germany, you may get in touch with your buddy and ask for cultural guidance and information about life at Ostfalia University.

Our Buddy Programme is open to all international students. Exchange students, degree-seeking students as well free movers may sign up. Sign up for the summer term 2018 is now open.

What does the Buddy Programme look like?

Starting your studies in a foreign country surely is an adventure. But managing your everyday life on your own, far from home, can also be quite challenging at times. This is where our Buddy Programme comes into play. Your buddy will provide you with advice and assistance when it comes to getting settled in Germany and at Ostfalia University. Typical buddy activities may include:

  • Pickup from the train station when you first arrive
  • Registration with the registration office (“Einwohnermeldeamt”)
  • A tour of the city: where can I find the most important things in my new town?
  • A first orientation around the university: where do I find important places such as the library, the cafeteria, the International Student Office?
  • General help with getting settled in Germany: knowing where to go out, locating nearby banks and grocery stores, finding out where to get a SIM card, where to buy an affordable bike or find a doctor etc.

The International Student Office organizes various activities during the Buddy Programme. This way, you will have a chance to get to know other international and German students. Of course it is also possible to take part in the programme without attending these events. From experience, however, they can contribute to making you stay in Germany a one-of-a-kind experience.

Who will be my buddy?

The buddies are experienced students with several semesters already under their belts. They have volunteered to help their fellow students from abroad get off to a good start at Ostfalia University. Please keep in mind that your buddy supports you in his or her free time and without pay. If you have issues with your accommodation, struggle with your classes or your visa etc., please get in touch with the International Student Office.

How does the pairing work?

We will try to pair you up with someone who matches as many of your preferences as possible. We will especially take into consideration your subject and free-time activities.  Furthermore, we will make sure that your place of study or residence match.

You and your buddy are not getting along too well? It can happen that two buddies are just not quite on the same wavelength. That’s no problem at all. Just drop us an email to let us know. If you wish, we can also pair you up with a new buddy.  

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