International Summer University

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbuettel, Germany, invites YOU to the International Summer UniversityWolfenbuettel (ISU WF) during 2 weeks in May 2018:

May 7th – May 18th, 2018

Visit Germany and learn about its history and culture, about the economy and thesocial background of this interesting country during ISU WF 2018

  • by attending lectures,
  • visiting companies and enjoying places of interest 
    including all-day excursions to German cities (e.g Hamburg and Berlin)
  • by meeting and working with German and international students
  • companies in Wolfenbuettel and the region – and a genuine 
    visit of a German Beer Garden will also be on the visiting agenda

In addition, you attend in-depth courses on Sustainable Energy Technologies (in English)which can provide you with credits at your home university (ask your local contact faculty).

The first-week courses introduce the basics of Sustainable Energy Ressources: Wind energy, photovoltaic and hydropower.

The second-week program offers several special examples and applications of the energy sourceslike fuel cells, modern battery technology and geothermics. Also covered is the hot topic of energy consumption in electrically driven vehicles with the introduction of Energy Efficiency of Electrical Drives. Last but not leastthe question of the Limitation of Fossile Fuels and the worldwide use of Nuclear Energy will be presented.

An additional course gives you a basic insight into regional and German history, geography and culture.





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    Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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