Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Claus W. Turtur

Field of research: Utilization of the Zero Point Energy of the quantum-vacuum
Salzdahlumer Straße 46-48
38302 Wolfenbüttel
Office at Ostfalia
Phone.: (+49) 5331 / 939 - 42220
Question: Why do we work on the Zero-point-energy of the Quantum-vacuum ?
My field of research: The zero-point energy of electromagnetic waves of the quantum-vacuum, free energy for ALL people !
This type of energy is absolutely environmentally friendly, completely without emissions and residues, perfectly harmless to health, free of costs, and permanently available everywhere on our earth for all people at any time in an inexhaustible amount.
GOAL is the development, production and distribution of zero-point energy engines everywhere on our earth.
Actual news:
In order to enable a large part of the world's growing population to enjoy a reasonable level of prosperity in the future, without overexploiting the world's resources, a far-reaching disruptive change in energy supply is required. Classic renewable energy systems, such as windmills and solar cells, have clear advantages in comparison with conventional energy sources connected to a consume of matter, but they are still unable to fundamentally solve the problem of increasing energy demand of mankind.
Therefore We must make use of inexhaustible and freely available types of energy which, moreover, do not produce any emissions or residues.
Fundamental (groundbreaking) solutions can be achieved with the so-called zero point energy (ZPE), of which the full name is: "zero-point energy of electromagnetic waves of the quantum vacuum". Scientific approaches to its use are not new. Such have already been recognized by physicists, mathematicians, engineers, chemists, and other specialists. My work is partly based on their results, and partly independent developments. The goal of my work is, to practically produce technical systems, which make the zero point energy available for general private and technical use.
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