Final Virtual Conference: GrowIn 4.0

The final conference of the project "GrowIn 4.0 – Growing into Industry 4.0" was carried out online on October 27th 2021. The international project team from the North Sea Region informed guests from the industrial and economic sector about their findings over the last four years.


New information regarding research project

One new podcast with Professor Markus Wallner, and his colleagues Professor Artur Mennerich and Professor Regina Nogueira has been published in German language. They talk about their current research project "SCREENING – Early Warning System Sewer Network using the example of SARS-CoV-2" and explain their research approach of using wastewater monitoring in the sewage network to establish a forecast for the virus content in the wastewater.


Project started to set up a research and supply structure in the fight against the corona pandemic in Lower Saxony

"DEFEAT CORONA" - the joint research project „DEFEnse Against COVID19 STudy – Looking forward“ started in June 2021. Ostfalia University is involved with Prof. Frank Klawonn. Together with numerous other cooperation partners, Ostfalia, Hannover Medical School and Göttingen University Hospital are working on the development of an innovative, application- and patient-centred research and care structure. The goal is to meet the challenges of the corona pandemic in the vaccine era in Lower Saxony.

    International Study Programmes & Events

    Campus Informations

    Bild aus einem studentischen Animationsfilm

    Campus Salzgitter

    "Class of 2020 Animation Virtual Showcase": Films of Ostfalia´s Students are presented worldwide.

    Campus Suderburg

    Double-degree in Construction Engineering (B. Eng.): International study program at the Faculty of Civil and Enviromental Engeneering in cooperation with its Russsian partner-university in Izhevsk.

    Campus Wolfsburg

    International Academic Year at the Faculty of Business: A program for international undergraduate students.
    Weltkugel und Klimasymbole

    Campus Wolfenbüttel

    New international interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary Master's Degree Programme in Sustainability and Risk Management.
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