International Activities

The Ostfalia is intensifying the international research activities.

Here is an overview of what the Ostfalia is doing on international research level:

International press releases:


REMEDI - Bioremediation of organic pollutant contamination in industrial waste water

The project is placed within the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 with partners from North and South America. Main objective is the development of a bioremediation process (filter module) for the removal of the dye rhodamine B used in the agate processing industry of southern Brazil with microalgae species as adsorbent, involving researchers from Ostfalia (Dr. Sander), University of Wisconsin at Parkside (Prof. Skalbeck) and Universidad Federal de Santa María (Prof. Carissimi).


Ostfalia visits Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences is very active at the European level. This applies not only to the student exchange programmes but also to research activities with partner universities in Europe. The EU Strategy FH project, led by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), promotes the strategic positioning with regard to European research topics at Ostfalia.


European research area set to be conquered

Universities of applied sciences conduct research for practical applications: this means that they are not trying to reinvent the wheel but work closely together with business, industry and other ...


Please contact Katrin Schütrumpf if you are interested in cooperating with the Ostfalia in the field of international research projects.


Please contact the International Relations Office for cooperation agreement with partner universities. The International Relations Office liases with partner universities and other institutions in the field of nternational cooperation.


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