The Entrepreneurship Center supports students, alumni and academic employees of Ostfalia, TU Braunschweig and Braunschweig University of Art (HBK) who want to start their own business. The aim of the Entrepreneurship Center is to promote business start-ups as a rewarding and fulfilling career option and to establish a lively start-up culture in the region.

As part of Braunschweig’s start-up network "Gründungsnetzwerk Braunschweig”, the Entrepreneurship Center supports the regional start-up competitions held by Wolfsburg AG and Allianz. In recent years, a number of successful projects have been implemented together with Wolfsburg AG. The Entrepreneurship Center also collaborates with Braunschweig University of Art (HBK), the Entrepreneurship Institute at Ryerson University in Toronto, BANSON (the Business Angel Network of South-East Lower Saxony), HTGF (High-Tech Gründerfonds) and the Entrepreneurship Foundation of Prof. Dr. Günter Faltin.

The team at the Entrepreneurship Center is comprised of experienced experts in the fields of marketing, finance and consulting on legal forms of business. In addition, the Entrepreneurship Center has access to the expertise of other network members.

Key research areas and projects

Seeking new insights and managing innovations are part of day-to-day business for company founders and the Entrepreneurship Center. Research makes it possible to further develop teaching methods, services, tools and measures in a targeted manner. At the same time, research activities are also important due to the close interconnection with operational founding support and partners. The key research areas are:

  • High-Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Regional Entrepreneurship
  • Start-up Personalities
  • Digitization
  • Green Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Funding opportunities

The EXIST Business Start-Up Grant helps students, graduates and researchers from universities and research institutes to realise their business ideas. This fund is targeted towards innovative, technology-oriented or knowledge-based projects.

Academic Ventures GmbH & Co. KG is a holding company of Ostfalia, which is aimed at Ostfalia’s science-oriented spin-offs. Students, professors and academic employees can be supported with venture capital.

Other funding opportunities exist from KFW, BANSON, NBank and HTGF.

Master’s programme and events

The Entrepreneurship Center offers the Master’s programme “Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management” as well as the following events: Technology Entrepreneurship, Technology Business Model Creation, Entrepreneurship Spring/Summer School and other practice-oriented modules, such as Startup Your Business. These events promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge and initiate cooperation between teachers and students.

Please contact Christoph Elbing for further information on the Entrepreneurship Center.

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