Strategic Projects

The current strategic projects run by the Knowledge and Technology Transfer team are:


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EU Strategy FH

EU Strategy FH

Promoting strategic positioning with regard to European research topics and increasing the visibility of Ostfalia in Europe through the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The strategic goal of Osfalia University of Applied Sciences is to strengthen the appeal of research and teaching by increasing its presence and visibility in the European research area. The strategy and the internationalisation concept of Ostfalia aim to tap into the European research area and exploit identified potential.



The project:   

  • Project start: February 2015
  • Funding amount: €150,000
  • Project duration: 2 years
  • Project extension: May 2017
  • Funding amount: €150,000
  • Project duration: additional 2 years
  • Project end: March 2019 (extension until March 2020)


Measures within the EU Strategy FH project

In order to achieve the objectives of its strategic positioning with regard to European research topics and increasing visibility in Europe, Ostfalia has placed particular emphasis on measures for implementing consulting and support structures, building networks, providing information, individual consulting and coaching, public relations and supplying resources.


The EU Strategy project is integrated into the Ostfalia strategy:



Please find here the EU Strategy FH press releases.


Your contact person is Kai Hillebrecht.




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GrowIn 4.0 – Growing into Industry 4.0

GrowIn 4.0 – Growing into Industry 4.0

Accelerate growth in manufacturing SMEs

The project target is the support of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the choice and implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, the exchange of international knowledge and strategies during realisation of digitalisation as well as Industry 4.0 technology and systems in SMEs. Up to 60 enterprises in the allied regions will be involved in the activities within the scope of the project.


The project:


Partners in Germany:

  • Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences
  • Allianz für die Region GmbH, Brunswick
  • Europäisches Institut für Innovation, Oldenburg

Partners in Europe:

  • Business Development Centre Central Denmark, Aarhus (DK)
  • Central Denmark Region (DK)
  • VIA University College, Horsens (DK)
  • Flanders Make, Lommel (BE)
  • Open Manufacturing Campus, Turnhout (BE)
  • Strategic Projects Kempen, Turnhout (BE)
  • Voka – Chamber of Commerce of East-Flanders (BE)
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen (NL)
  • Northern Netherlands Alliance, Groningen (NL)
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK)
  • Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (UK)
  • TWI Ltd., Cambridge (UK)


Work packages:

  1. Project management
  2. Communication
  3. New business models and strategy development
  4. Better use of technology and development of products
  5. Training, education and recruitment of Industry 4.0 qualified staff


Prof. Dr. Diederich Wermser does teaching and research in the faculty of electrical engineering at Ostfalia UAS. Together with his team and the Ostfalia Knowledge and Technology Transfer he leads the work package „Better use of technology and development of products“ . The Allianz für die Region GmbH takes cross-sectional tasks in the work packages „New business models and strategy development“ as well as “Training, education and recruitment of Industry 4.0 qualified staff“. At the same time they support the project by interfacing with regional enterprises in the field of public relations plus implementation and realisation of innovative tools for launch and use of Industry 4.0 applications.



Recruiting Young Talent and Retaining Professionals in the Metropolregion

The project “” aims to get people enthusiastic about technology and convince those with an entrance qualification to study engineering. Graduates are retained in the Metropolregion (one of eleven metropolitan regions in Germany) and more engineers are being convinced to work in this area.

In order to achieve these aims, an interactive platform is going to be developed. On this platform the users participate in lectures, discussions, workshops, presentations etc. online. They deal with science and technology in a practice-oriented, transdisciplinary way. As a result, the users are encouraged to study engineering. Additionally, the platform points out attractive career prospects in the Metropolregion.


The project:

  • Cooperation partners: VDI Braunschweiger Bezirksverein e.V. (The Association of German Engineers, regional association in Braunschweig) as well as VDI Bezirksverein Hannover e.V. (regional association in Hannover)

    VDI Braunschweig    VDI Hannover

  • Project funding: Amt für regionale Landesentwicklung (ArL) Leine-Weser (regional development office of Leine-Weser, administrative district in the Federal State Lower Saxony)

    Amt für regionale Landesentwicklung Leine-Weser

  • In collaboration with the Metropolregion (one of eleven metropolitan regions in Germany)


  • Over 20 regional supporters from the educational, scientific, economic and political sector
  • Project duration: 15 April 2018 - 15 April 2021
  • Project budget: approx. €400,000 (half co-payment by the three partners)
  • Project leader: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gert Bikker
  • Project coordinator: Angelina Capelle



Your contact person is Angelina Capelle.




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Future Automotive Technologies in Open Region Lab - ZuFOR

Future Automotive Technologies in Open Region Lab - ZuFOR

With this transdisciplinary research project Ostfalia University pursues to find answers to the urging questions about the future of mobility.

Four research teams from the faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Transport-Sports-Tourism-Media are working in their respective fields of expertise. At the same time the Open Region Lab (ORL) is being built up. Here, project results are presented and discussed in a more general setting. Events like workshops, competitions and meetings are supposed to include external input for the benefit of the project and the university.


The project: 

  • Project start: October 2016
  • Funding amount: €1.4 m
  • Project duration: 4 years
  • Project funding: „Niedersächsisches Vorab“ (The Ministry for Science and Culture of the State of Lower Saxony (MWK) and the Volkswagen Foundation)
  • Project Areas (with cooperative doctoral research studies):
    • Intelligent range extender, electric vehicles, digitisation and vehicle 4.0
      Prof. Dr.-Ing.  X. Liu-Henke | Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    • Development of integral, shiftable security systems,
      Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Bachem | Faculty of Automotive Engineering
    • Light plastic structures in automotive engineering
      Prof. Dr. A. Schmiemann | Faculty of Automotive Engineering
    • Implementation of open networking structures in regional innovation systems
      Prof. Dr. A. Jain | Faculty of Transport-Sports-Tourism-Media
  • Project leader: Prof. Dr. G. Bikker
  • Project coordinator: Gabriele Stiller M.A.
  • The project is funded by

NMWK            Logo_Volkswagenstiftung



Your contact person is Gabriele Stiller.



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