EU Strategy FH

Promoting strategic positioning with regard to European research topics and increasing the visibility of Ostfalia in Europe through the German Ministry of Education and Research.

The strategic goal of Osfalia University of Applied Sciences is to strengthen the appeal of research and teaching by increasing its presence and visibility in the European research area. The strategy and the internationalisation concept of Ostfalia aim to tap into the European research area and exploit identified potential.

The official project phase is considered completed since the 30th of September 2020. The measures, offers of cooperation and the developed services will continue to be available. Networking and cooperation in the medium term will remain available with the support of FHnet.



The project: 

  • Project start: February 2015
  • Funding amount: €150,000
  • Project duration: 2 years
  • Project extension: May 2017
  • Funding amount: €150,000
  • Project duration: an additional 2 years
  • Project end: March 2019 (extended to July 2020)



Measures within the EU Strategy FH project:

In order to achieve the objectives of its strategic positioning with regard to European research topics and increasing visibility in Europe, Ostfalia has placed particular emphasis on measures for implementing consulting and support structures, building networks, providing information, individual consulting and coaching, public relations and supplying resources.



Consulting and support structures

  • Building the structure (personnel, infrastructure)
  • Needs-oriented range of services
  • Qualification offers / knowledge sharing


Building and maintaining networks

  • Participation in technology platforms
  • Analysis, evaluation and amendment of cooperation agreements
  • Establishment of (regional) networks
  • Information and networking events


Provision of information

  • Provision of international funding information
  • Further development of the project database
  • Compilation of the database for cooperation partners


Public Relations

  • Participation in trade-fairs
  • Publication of research reports
  • Promotion participation in international conferences
  • Supporting international publication



Your contact person is Kai Hillebrecht