Social Perspectives of Change

The interdisciplinary research area focuses on social change processes and the resulting challenges for key players in politics, business and civil society. The focus is on education, provision of services of general public interest, diversity and communication, microeconomies, interdependencies and international relationships as well as their legal frameworks.


The following are actively engaged in the research area:

  • Faculty of Trade and Social Work
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Law (BELS)
  • Faculty of Social Work
  • Faculty of Transport-Sports-Tourism-Media
  • Faculty of Business
  • Centre for Social Innovation (ZEGI)


What exactly is being researched:

Within the framework of the field of research, issues are examined that, in the context of current societal (economic, political, legal, cultural, social, etc.) change processes, pose new challenges for political, economic and civil-society players, to which they must respond with sustainable decisions and reflected interventions in order to maintain their capacity for competitiveness and innovation and/or the attractiveness of their residential, working and economic areas.

These changes emerge in various sectors of these areas, ranging from education, healthcare, trade and order, through to culture. There is a specific focus on regions, which, in this social context, should be investigated in interdisciplinary research contexts as far as possible. In this way, issues such as public services (transport, healthcare, supplies and waste disposal), international relations and social integration, as well as the analysis of individual economies and the influence of changing legal framework conditions are primary factors within this field of research.

The goal is to capture change processes and their importance in a multi-perspective manner, in order to ultimately develop scientifically sound design options.

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