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Service Congresses at the Ostfalia University Campus Suderburg


The Service Congress is an established and regular format of the Ostfalia Hochschule in Suderburg and serves as a platform for students, professors, companies and the general public. It emerged from the working group Services, E-Learning and Digitization for Uelzen in 2017 by Prof. Markus Launer with the IT network Uelzen, the public utilities MyCity, Exabyters, Visoma, KWHC, APT Bienenbüttel and Intersoft Consulting Services from Hamburg. The aim was to promote and further internationalize the economy of Uelzen. The working group has developed cooperations for various research projects in the service sector and e-business in cooperation with the District Administrator of Uelzen and the mayor of Uelzen, Jürgen Markwardt. The second service congress was already organized internationally with guests from Asia and Latin America.


Our service congresses are usually multi-day and each consist of different program items:

- Research symposium based on current research projects

- Research talks, discussions and excursions to cooperation partners 


The current topics of the service congresses relate i.a. on the following core topics:

- Digitalization and Digital Trust

- E-Learning

- Intuitive decisions 


The lectures are publicly and free. Please register with Prof. Dr. med. Markus Launer at M-A.Launer@Ostfalia.de


Pleasexregister with Johanna Meyer (eMail), Ostfalia University