Project Description

As of September 16, 2023



Prof. Dr. Markus Launer

Time and Place

September 25-29, 2023 in presence in Uelzen, Hamburg & Berlin, Germany


7. international Workshop on Modern Management (e.g. Intuition), Digitalization, Sustainability, Diversity & Integration


23./24.9 Arrival in Berlin/Hamburg

25.9  Public Introduction with guest speaker in townhall of Uelzen

26.9  Workshop at Vocational School BBS1, Uelzen, site visit Uelzen train station and Yoga Studio MyYoga

27.9  Project Work at Ostfalia University, Suderburg, company visits in Hamburg

28.9  Company visit Bionsect in Schwerin, transfer to Berlin

29.9  Visiting the Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment, Berlin

1.10  Departure from Berlin 

Patron:  Mayor of the City Uelzen: Jürgen Markward


Research on digital Intuition, teachers intuition and global follow-up projects

Research about next generation artificial intelligence & data science

Research on Sustainability, e.g. recycling and circular economy

Engagement on Social projects e.g. Intercultural Integration

Supporting the Excellence initiative of Vocational School, OStD Stefan Nowatschin

Acquisition of research and consultancy projects

Participating Researchers

Prof. Fatih Cetin, Baskent University, Türkiye

Prof. Piotr Pietrzak, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Polen

Prof. Anna Jasiulewicz, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Polen

Prof. Daria Suprun, University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Prof. Marja Nesterova, Dragomanov Ukrainian State University, Ukraine

Prof. Mohammad Daud Ali, University of Haripur, Pakistan

Ferah Diba, Doktorandin, Griechenland

Local lecturers

For 2023 the following guests speakers are planned

  • Jürgen Markwardt, Mayor of the City of Uelzen (patron)
  • Dagmar Hillmer, Mayor of Suderburg
  • OStD Stefan Nowatischin, Head of Vocational School Uelzen
  • Dr. Michael Scharp, IZT - Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologie- bewertung gGmbH, Berlin
  • Marius Ramm und Martin Behlau, Forschungsinstitut für Berufsbildung im Handwerk (FBH) von der Universität zu Köln
  • Tanja Neumann, Gleichstellungsbeauftragte zum Thema frauenORT 
  • Dr. Christiane Kania-Feistkorn & Eva Neuls, Öko Modellregion Heideregion Uelzen
  • Eoghan Jennings, Energiebetrieb Ahnsbeck und Software Start-up
  • Dr. Till von Geldern, Bionsect Circulat Inseconomy GmbH
  • Dr. Angelika Eichenlaub, Institut des Helmholtz-Zentrums Hereon
  • Mike Bergmann, Visoma GmbH & Mike Bergmann Akademie , Digitalization of business processes
  • Joachim Delekat, Institut für gemeinnützige Dienstleistungen gGmbH und Mitglied des Stadtrates


Each participant covers its own travel expenses

Transfer within Germany is provided


Project Description

This 7 th Workshop is about latest research in modern Management, Digitalization, Sustainability, Diversity and Integration Participants receive special training in their respective fields. As a follow-up project, we will research internationally Digital Intuition & Sustainability. The results will bde presented at the 7 th international Conference on Contemporary Studies in Management (CoSiM) November 24-27, 2023.

In three research studies we developed a new model on “Intuitive Decision Making in different Workplaces”. The publications are on their way. In this model and measuring instrument, we defined 12 different types of intuition. In a first attempt, we also started to model and measure digital intuition online. These results should be further studied in follow-up studies in different countries with different focal points. The following studies are in preparation: Intuition in Management, Teachers Intuition, and Digital Intuition.

Each participant sends upfront an abstract on his special subject and how to measure digital intuition in its respective field. The research structure will be discussed in presence with experts. The research plans will be presented at the 7 th international Conference on Contemporary Studies in Management (CoSiM) November 24-26, 2023 online. The studies are expected to start December or January 2024 in the respective countries.


What has happened so far (preparatory work)

International and local relationships have been built up and maintained by Prof. Launer since 2015. This resulted in two research projects funded by the Europaean Union.

Prof. Launer organized six international Conferences incl. Workshops





Prof. Dr. Markus Launer, Suderburg September 16, 2023