Current focus: Service 4.0, digitalization, eLearning, Intuitive Business Administration, Sustainability

Previous focus: Investor Relations, Bond Relations, Coordination of Foreign Subsidiaries, Compliance


Current Projects:

  • Digital Trust & Teamwork in Service Companies (DigVertr) (ERFE Project 5/2017 to 4/2019)
  • Intuition IntRHIA (ERFE Project 10/2018 to 9/2021)
  • E-Learning for Vocational School 1 in Uelzen (2017/18)
  • International E-Learning in Multinational Companies, Vocational Schools and International Universities (own research, 2017-2019)
  • Completed projects: Intercultural eLearning (2017/18), eLearning for the subject eBusiness of the Hochschule Lübeck (Oncampus GmbH, 2016), Operative Compliance in cooperation with the Intersoft Consulting Services AG (2014/15), Debt Relations in cooperation with Sphene Capital ( 2013), Bond Relations in collaboration with the Institute for Capital Markets (2010/11), International Corporate Governance (2007)


Regional Scientific Research Council and Working Groups

  • Regional Research Advisory Board: Joachim Delekat (Chair), Dr. Heiko Blume (Head of the Province of Uelzen), Jürgen Markwardt (Mayor of Uelzen), Andreas Hense (IT Verbund GmbH, Uelzen)
  • Working Group Digitalization, eLearning & Service 4.0, Uelzen


Member of the Research Ethics Committee of Ostfalia University