Program Overview 4th International Workshop


The conference is primarily aimed at building cooperations and partnerships in research and for publications. It is also intended for teaching and lectureships. It also supports the research projects at the Faculty of Trade and Social Work at Ostfalia University.


International Time Table


Since this is an International Workshop, different time zones need to be taken into account. Not everybody can listen to every speech live. Therefore, we will record all speeches and store them in an archive.

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international timetable 4th congress




The 4 th international Workshop is divided into 3 major tracks.


November 10, 2020: Specialty Track


This track is for research specialists and statistical experts in information systems technology and business psychology. The first research results of the Pre-Test and Main Study will be presented. Understanding cognitive processes is a critical component to the successful design, implementation, and use of information systems. The questions of interest relevant to this track can involve business psychology perspectives and IS problems in terms of the processes of knowing and making decisions. We welcome qualitative, quantitative, experimental, and case study research and research-in-progress.


November 11, 2020: Cross-Cultural Track


This track is for all researchers analyzing single countries and two or more countries, taking a cross-cultural analysis. We will have discussions on various countries and regions. Topics may come from any area of business and informatics including, but not limited to:


  • All aspects of cross-cultural consumer behavior
  • Comparative marketing studies (e.g., advertising/communication strategies, branding, organizational buyer behavior, services, marketing relationships)
  • Comparative management practices (e.g., industrial relations, human resource management, organizational behavior)
  • Comparative business studies (e.g., international strategy, accounting, operations, supply chain management, finance, law, ethics and business communications)
  • Cross-cultural theory and research methods.


November 12, 2020: Paper Development Track & Students Contributions


This track is a workshop to support researchers in developing as well as submitting academic papers in journals. The Facilitators are experienced associate editors of management journals. The workshop is intended for early-career scholars and Ph.D. applicants, who want to make the next step and publish.


Students are encouraged to present singly or in groups.


Interactive Formats and Special Features


Actors and Designers submitting special interactive formats, videos and other artistic contributions will be placed in between the program as it fits.


Please see videos of previous Service Management Congresses here.