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5 th International Service Management Congress

Online Conference November 24-25, 2021

Academic Work shops


Digital Trust & Intuition @ the Workplace

Food Supply Chain


We are delighted to invite you to our 5 th International Service Management Congress at Ostfalia University, Campus Suderburg in cooperation with University de Chile, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, University of the Philippines and Silliman University. It is a congress with Academic Research Workshops. The aim is to bring together professors, researchers and students around the world for international knowledge exchange, global research team building, publishing research papers, and publishing a conference paper. We expect researchers and speaker from Asia, Europe, Africa, the USA, and Latin America.

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Special topic is DIGITAL TRUST & INTUITION @ the Workplace and Food Supply Chain. This is based on the two research projects “Digital Trust & Teamwork (DigVert)” and “Intuition (RHIA)”. This Conference is financed by the European Union (EFRE) and the State of Lower Saxony.

The Congress us free of charge and Open to all researchers and the General Public. If you like to register for this conference, please use the following form Download Invitation (PDF).


RIEHUAD Approach SSE Pyramide



international timetable 4th congress


Starting times of our global conference



Japan, South Korea 5:00 P.M.

China, Philippines, Malysia 4.00 P.M.

Thailand 3:00 PM

India 1:30 PM



Moscow 11:00 A.M.

Deutschland, Polen, Rumänien 9:00 AM

Great Britain 8:00 AM



Kenya 11:00 AM

Ghana 8:00 AM


Latin America /

Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Chile 5:00 AM

USA (New York) 3:00 A.M  


Special information for students:

For all Participants

Special Information for students


Contact to five colleges / universities


University of the Philippines


Contact Gil Jacinto


Silliman University




Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Contact Dr hab. Marta Mendel


Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences


Contact Ulrike Wiegand


Universdidad de Chile - Facultad Economia


Contact Stephanie Dazin



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