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Modern mechanical engineering has a wide range of applications in today's Industry 4.0 and includes, for example, the design of a vehicle and its components. What used to be done on the drawing board is now solved with CAD software. The first components are tested "virtually" with a simulation programme. In the end, of course, a "real" vehicle is created. This means that the production of the components (e.g. with forming machines, welding systems and assembly robots) has to be planned.

In addition to the quality of the products, the price is of course decisive, so that the link between technology and business aspects is becoming increasingly important. All these tasks challenge mechanical engineers, but also business engineers, and never allow boredom to set in.

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What can I expect during my studies?

The diversity of the mechanical engineering degree programme offers you the chance to live out your specific interests. Of course, you don't have to decide right away. First, you will learn the basics of mechanical engineering in your basic studies. Labs, events, contact with older students and professors, but also the practical semester will help you decide later.

The mechanical engineering internship

Every study programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering includes an internship. The internship of 8 weeks must be completed before the start of the examinations of the fourth semester. We recommend that you complete part of this internship (The Preliminary Internship - 4 weeks) before you start your studies.

What specialisations does the degree programme offer me?

With our Mechanical Engineering degree programme and our Mechanical Engineering in Practice degree programme, you have four specialisations to choose from. Depending on your focus of interest, you can choose between the following after the basic studies and the supervised practical semester:

- Drive and vehicle technology

- Design and development

- Mechatronics and digitalisation

- Smart Production

As an alternative to mechanical engineering, you can study mechanical engineering with 2/3 technology and 1/3 economics in our industrial engineering programme.

What career prospects do I have after graduation?

Mechanical engineers are in great demand because they ensure the success of German industry. As the world's export champion, we are now much more international, so you can combine the diverse activities at home with interesting assignments abroad.


Therefore, a variety of career opportunities can be found in specialist and management positions...

- in the areas of production, e.g. development, work preparation, manufacturing and assembly

- and in purchasing, sales, marketing, controlling as well as in materials management and logistics


The valuable gift to the economy: our graduates also master economic challenges in companies in their later professional lives.



Are there still unanswered questions? The friendly team at the Student Advisory Service will help you find your way around and answer any questions you may have about your studies:

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