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Experience international diversity from your home institution! From the winter semester 2023/24, Ostfalia will be offering the Certificate for Intercultural Competence  ZIK. This extra-curricular programme is not only set up for our German and international students, but also for all teaching staff and employees who would like to expand their skills in the areas of internationality and interculturality.

How do you get the ZIK? Students can easily apply for the certificate at the Language Centre, and staff and employees at the International Relations Office.

Immerse yourself in new cultures, improve your skills and get a convincing certificate as recognition of your acquired competencies.

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You can find the video with English subtitles  here.


For students, the way to the CiC is quite easy: After successfully completing three out of four modules, you can apply for your certificate at the language center. The goal of the CiC is to enhance your language and intercultural skills, so you are well-prepared for living and working in a globalized environment.

Get ready to explore the world – with the CiC, this experience will be even more exciting and colorful!

The modules can be viewed here.


Internationalization in teaching brings exciting challenges for our faculty - and this is where you, as an educator, come into play!

The internationalisation of academic life brings with it challenging and exciting opportunities for our teaching staff - and this is where you as a teacher come into play! Enrich teaching by introducing international (English-language) components into courses, collaborating with international colleagues or teaching at one of our partner universities. Your contribution is the key to the internationalisation of teaching!

The modules can be viewed here.

Interested in earning the "CiC" certificate? No problem! Complete the mandatory module 1 - "Intercultural Skills" and choose a course from the optional modules 2 or 3 to submit your application.

Convinced? Then simply send your completed application to: and actively contribute to expanding the international dimension of our university!


The increasing internationalisation of our university not only opens up new opportunities for interesting contacts with international students and lecturers, but also a wide range of projects with partners from all over the world. This development brings with it new challenges for our university administration teams - be it in terms of intercultural sensitivity or linguistic finesse.

We are convinced that enhancing your intercultural skills through (inspiring) training and exchanges with international colleagues will help avoid communicative misunderstandings and conflicts.

The modules can be viewed here.

That's why the "CiC" certificate is waiting for you! Complete the mandatory module 1 - "Intercultural Skills" and choose a course from the optional modules 2 or 3 to achieve your goal.

Convinced? Then simply submit your completed application to: We look forward to hearing from you!

Apply here!

You can find the application form  here!

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