Bundeslehranstalt Burg Warberg e.V.


The Bundeslehranstalt Burg Warberg e.V. (BLA) has been the private school of agricultural trade since 1938. The school's target group includes all employees and entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector. The aim of the school is the sector-specific education and training of specialists in this economic sector. In the more than 75-year history, young people are supported in their educational path to a profession with branch-specific requirements and receive a practical preparation for the very specific tasks in trade, production and sales.

The training and promotion and production and product training and training segments are the most important fields of work, depending on the scope of the teaching units offered. The basic training is accompanied by the commercial training in the course of the promotion courses as an over-the-company training as a merchant in the trade as well as in the preparatory courses on IHK examinations, the ascent courses for the junior trainees.

The trading days serve to explain current issues. Through working networks to the leading experts in research, administration and business, interesting programs have emerged.

The Bundeslehranstalt Burg Warberg is directly connected with 400 direct members. These, on the other hand, have an average of 300-400 customers / suppliers from the agricultural sector. This means, directly or indirectly, there is a network of about 150,000 companies from the agricultural and food industry.


Burg Warberg