Eduard Pestel Institut für Systemforschung e.V.


The Pestel Institute sees itself as a research institute and service provider for municipalities, companies and associations. For 40 years, our research, analyzes, surveys and model calculations in the areas of regional economy, housing markets, demographics / municipal development, quality of life, opportunity-risk analysis and stakeholder dialogues have supported different institutions in planning their market activities and investments. Our clients include regions, cities and municipalities, ministries, banks and savings banks, utilities and other private sector companies and associations.

The Pestel Institute was founded as a result of a world model that in 1972 demonstrated the limits of growth for planet Earth. Eduard Pestel, the founder of the institute, had provided funding for the internationally acclaimed study. The concrete reason for founding the institute was the definition and calculation of a Germany-Model.

The tradition of thinking in systems and model contexts has led to scientifically sound and long-term computational and thinking models for the regional level. So there are calculation models for the regional population and housing market development. The positive effects of a company on the regional economy (added value, jobs) can also be calculated by the Pestel Institute. The benefit of a company for the quality of life is estimated using a model of thinking. Other impact-oriented thinking models allow opportunity-risk analysis for regional or business development, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because securing a company by avoiding or reducing risks also strengthens the region. For research projects, a non-profit GmbH was founded in 2012, the Pestel Institute gGmbH.




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