Master's Degree Automotive Service Technology and Processes

One third of all of vehicle manufacturers revenue is generated by after sales. The Master‘s degree programme Automotive Service Technology and Processes qualifies you for a career in this multi-billion Euro market.

In order to train you in the best possible way, in this English-language Master programme we focus on three fundamental aspects of automotive industry: automotive technology, globalized service processes and after-sales management in a highly innovative, technical industry.

As you know, the complexity of modern vehicles has increased rapidly in recent years. This is due to the increased use of micro-processors in electronic control units (ECUs) and their integration in the vehicle networ king, resulting in new functions in the field of vehicle safety, driver assistance and ecology.

While modern personal computers combine up to 8 processors, modern vehicles use 50 or more networked ECUs.

Vehicle manufacturers are facing the challenging task of providing these technologies to the global markets at the highest quality standards, offering a lifetime serviceability and manageability.

We will prepare you in the best possible way in order for you to be successful in this challenging industry.

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