Master of Engineering: Automotive Service Technology and Processes

Final degree:         Master of Engineering

Language :            English

Study:                    Full Time

Duration:               3 semesters

Start of studies:    Wintersemester (September)

Max. participants: 25

Location:                Wolfsburg  


  • 1000,--  €  registration fee
  • 3600,--  €  fee for the first semester
  • 3600,--  €  fee for the second semester
  • 2800,--  €  fee for the third semester
  •   200,--  €  from the 5th semester for every additional semester 200,-- €
  •   384,41 €  semester contribution (with slight changes every year)

Application deadline:  May 15, 2024

Contact person is Ms. Hoeft

It is also possible to send the documents to Ms Hoeft as PDF by e-mail

For questions about the application process, please also contact Ms Hoeft


Admission restrictions:

  • Completed engineering studies (university or university of applied sciences), 7 semesters (210 credit points)
  • Bachelor‘s degree or equivalent degree in a similar technical bachelor programme
  • Good English skills
  • German skills A2 level during the application process
  • German skills B1 level before starting internship within/after the 3rd semester
  • Proof of practical work in a technical field of one year minimum

Information and application forms

Flyer Automotive Service Technology and Processes

Application form Download


Module catalogue

Training programme for internship

Standard Guidelines 


Only available in German

Regulations for Entry and Admission

Examination Regulations ASTP, valid from 2013

Examination Regulations ASTP, valid from 2019

Changes within the Examination Regulations ASTP 2019, valid from 2021


Contact details - Course Management


Faculty of Automotive Engineering
Institute for Vehicle System and Service Technologies


Master's Degree Automotive Service Technology and Processes

One third of all of vehicle manufacturers revenue is generated by after sales. The Master‘s degree programme Automotive Service Technology and Processes qualifies you for a career in this multi-billion Euro market.

In order to train you in the best possible way, in this English-language Master programme we focus on three fundamental aspects of automotive industry: automotive technology, globalized service processes and after-sales management in a highly innovative, technical industry.

As you know, the complexity of modern vehicles has increased rapidly in recent years. This is due to the increased use of micro-processors in electronic control units (ECUs) and their integration in the vehicle networ king, resulting in new functions in the field of vehicle safety, driver assistance and ecology.

While modern personal computers combine up to 8 processors, modern vehicles use 50 or more networked ECUs.

Vehicle manufacturers are facing the challenging task of providing these technologies to the global markets at the highest quality standards, offering a lifetime serviceability and manageability.

We will prepare you in the best possible way in order for you to be successful in this challenging industry.

Curriculum structure

The Master´s degree programme is divided into three thematic blocks.

In the first semester, the emphasis lies on management and inter- cultural aspects. The second semester deals with technology and quality. The third and final term consists of two specializations in the field of vehicle communication technology, and the practical phase.

The individual seminars are linked to each other supporting a global-, net-worked approach.

The course of study begins with a team-building event for the international students with the aim of promoting inter-cultural, social competence. The students present the specific characteristics of their cultures to each other, thereby gaining insights into foreign cultures themselves.

The special start of the studies is hallmarked by an intercultural training which has to be taken in the first semester.

Before the classes begin a German language course is offered for students to attain the B1-level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is a precondition to start in this programme.

The objective of this study programme

We will teach you the skills that enable you to successfully play a leading role in the after-sales industry in companies operating locally and globally. You will be able to apply the acquired knowledge independently and in a problem-oriented and interdisciplinary manner.

Through the intercultural competence you will have obtained you will be able to interact successfully with business partners worldwide. The study period comprises internships in the industry which will provide you with the opportunity to gather practice-oriented working experience, to make contacts with potential employers in a very early stage or to expand your already existing professional business contacts. This offers you a wide variety of opportunities for your future career.

Career opportunities

With the Master of Engineering in Automotive Service Technology and Processes you will acquire valuable technical, strategic and intercultural competences.

Upon graduation your employment options include automotive diagnosis, spare parts management, product support, service training and diagnostic methods development, market oriented corporate governance as well as the management of car dealerships – all in an international context.

Management positions with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers – both at national as well as in the international range – will be potentially available to you following the completion of this Master course.




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