Campus Wolfsburg

The city of Wolfsburg was founded in 1938 as the home of the world’s largest car plant. It is now one of the biggest cities in Lower Saxony. Wolfsburg lies adjacent to some of Germany’s most important cities like Hannover, Hamburg and Berlin. The Midland Canal runs through the town, dividing it into a northern and southern part. Over one third of the north side of Wolfsburg is occupied by the Volkswagen AG headquarters.

The city has Historical monuments such as the Wolfsburg castle and an array of tourist attractions located in buildings with futuristic Architecture, like the Phaeno Science Centre, Volkswagen Automuseum and Autostadt.

Ostfalia’s Faculty of Automotive Engineering is spread across the city center. Student housing as well as the train station are all less than 1km away. The student housing quarters are located in a quiet neighborhood with rooms designed to foster students’ academic success. Ostfalia is well known for its unique approach to studying, that attracts students from all over the globe, providing them with rich information and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Students in Wolfsburg also benefit from quick access to supermarkets and abundant shopping opportunities. Lecture Halls and laboratories are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology which assists the teaching and learning environment as well as research and development projects (see  Research).