Application, Admission & Study Requirements


Potential students who wish to study at Ostfalia need to apply for admission. The application along with all additionally needed documents must be submitted to the admissions office (Immatrikulationsamt) before the application deadline.

Online Application

Once the application has been downloaded it can either be sent to the admissions office or personally handed in the student services office (Studierenden-Servicebüro) in Wolfenbüttel. You can alternatively request the application documents and information material from the admissions office. Simply enclose a business reply envelop (1,45 € for Germany) and state the degree program of interest.

Duale Degree Program

A degree program with vocational training requires a contract for an internship or apprenticeship with an affiliate company. More information for the application for a dual degree program can be found  here.

Application Deadlines

The registration deadlines for applications are:

  • January 15 th for the summer semester
  • July  15 th for the winter semester.

If you send your documents by mail, please note that the date of receipt is important for Ostfalia, and not the post date. The application for a dual degree program is only available for the winter semester (deadline July 15 th). The application for the affiliate company should occur earlier (Fall of the previous year recommended).

Requirements for a Bachelor Degree Program

  • The formal requirement for a bachelors course of study is a university entrance qualification (i.e. high school diploma).
  • The admission for all bachelor degree programs from the faculty of electrical engineering are not limited. (no numerous clausus).
  • Interest in mathematics, physics and technical problem solving is important for a degree program in electrical engineering. We offer a free preparatory math course before the beginning of the semester. You can find more information on the preparatory courses from the   TWW).
  • Previous knowledge in the field of electrical engineering is helpful, but not required.
  • A pre-study internship is not required.
  • An internship or apprenticeship contract with an   affiliate company is an additional requirement for a degree program with vocational training.

Requirements for a Master Degree Program Smart Mobility and Energy Systems

The minimal requirement for this course of study is a bachelor’s degree in the electrical engineering or IT field or an equivalent degree with an overall grade of 2,7 or better. More information can be found in the  admission regulations.

Requirements for the further training qualification Network Engineering and Operation

with a Master of Engineering (M.Eng) degree. The requirements can be found under the  admission regulations.