Salzgitter and Environs

A good place to live and learn

The Ostfalia is located in the middle of Germany with faculties in Salzgitter, Suderburg, Wolfenbüttel and Wolfsburg.

In our surrounding we have a varied range of cultural and leisure time activities, picturesque towns and a university environment that allows our students to easily acclimatize to the new setting without feeling lost in the anonymity of a large university. Especially for students from abroad, it is easy to make contact to the university community and make friends and acquaintances. As most of the students live nearby, you will quickly find friends and in no time become familiar with the German culture.

Unlike many large cities, rent and other costs of living are relatively low in Salzgitter. The accommodation market is accessible, and a reasonably priced flat is easily found – our Student Services staff will be happy to help you.