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The faculty mechanical engineering exists since 1928. It was one of the three main university departments when the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences was founded. Our perfect material and technical requirements gives us a fantastic atmosphere for studying.

The investment in the new laboratory equipment for more than 20 laboratories on 2700 sqm and the renovation of our machine hall increased our study quality.

The faculty is separated in three different institutes:

  • “Institute of Construction and Applied Mechanical Engineering”
  • “Institute of Mechatronics”
  • “Institute of Production Technology”

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Our Ostfalia University disposes contacts to several foreign universities, not only in Europe, but worldwide. The cooperation between the educational establishments has become diverse, and students obtain many different opportunities like internship semester or study abroad semester.

The faculty has a lot of contact to partners in many different countries, for example there are partners in Mexico, USA, France, Spain, UK, Denmark, Norwey, India, Japan and China.

Additional to our partner universities we have many companies in the industry who support our study with practical experience and new ideas for future projects.

Abstract of the history of the Mechanical Engineering Department


Establishment of the technical school “Polytechnic of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering


Approval as a certified school of engineering


Transformation to a certified academy of engineering


Establishment of the “University of Applied Sciences” Brunswick / Wolfenbuettel

Study paths: “Construction and Development” and “Production and Operation”


Introduction of the practical internee ship into the curriculum


“Automation Engineering” was included into the courses offered

 “Production and Operation” was renamed to “Production and Logistics”


Establishment of the “Institute of Vehicle Construction” in Wolfsburg (first institute of a university of applied sciences across the country)


Establishment of the “Institute of Production and Process Engineering” in Wolfsburg

 Arrangement of the course “ European Engineering and Technology”


Introduction of the dual course “Mechanical engineering in combination with practical experience” in cooperation with the Volkswagen AG Coaching GmbH


Introduction of the extension course of studies “Marketing Management”


Rearrangement of the extension course of studies “Marketing Management” to a course of home study

Introduction of the new modular structured study with extended choices for the students and the adaptation to the European ECTS system.

Modernisation of the course “ Automation Engineering” to the course “Mechatronics”.


Introduction of Bachelor/Master degree


Start of the course „industrial engineering“


Start of the course „digital engineering“

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