Online symposium: Gamification2go
– Escaperoom Games for Teaching

In the context of digitalization, gamification is an exciting tool for teachers to better meet the needs of new students as digital natives used to online gaming from early childhood days. Another use is to be able to actively interlock possible application elements with subject specific knowledge in a suitable gamification setting and thus to prepare future young professionals for practical questions. As part of a project funded by the Foundation Innovation in University Teaching | Freiraum 2022 under the title "Chemification", a team led by Dr. Hedda Sander, teaching at the Faculty of Supply Engineering, is currently developing container solutions for subject specific gamification using the Moodle learning platform. The projct aims to enable teachers to transfer their own teaching content into a game setting suitable for the subject related topic.  


A fully booked online conference on escape games in teaching in June 6 th 2023 offered participants the option to transfer their own subject-specific teaching content into game related settings. Frequently mentioned reservations such as the time required for game development were addressed and possibilities to reduce this time frame were presented with container solutions. In four workshops, teachers from outside and inside the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences immersed in topics such as storytelling, puzzle workshop, container solutions and evaluation. They also jointly formulated requirements for an applicable container solution and an appropriate documentation. Conference and workshops focused less on the theoretical framing of escape games than on practical how-to approaches that would provide participants with insights into how to easily design and conceptualize their own subject-specific settings.

The project Webpage offeres more information tot he public at materials will also be published on the OER platform TWILLO in the near future


Text u. Foto: H. Sander

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