Pluspunkt Auslandserfahrung


The time spent studying can, in many ways, be the best time of your life. A first class education is good for a professional career in the future. Improving your resume with a stay abroad can increase your chances for a good job, all while allowing you to see more of the world.

Why go abroad?

It is through visits abroad that students develop the necessary skills towards intercultural understanding. Social skills, as well as know-how, are especially sought after in international corporations. The so-called “soft skills” play a crucial role in the professional career – not to mention the ability to communicate effectively in a foreign language.

The practical values of a stay abroad:

Adaptability: different countries – different cultures. The incorporation into new surroundings becomes easier. High flexibility and mobility: working both independently and flexibly is essential in professional life. Language skills and expertise: Today, at least one foreign language is a requirement for the workplace. Dedication and motivation: a stay abroad furthers personal independence, and is a lot of fun too!

How does our university do it?

The Ostfalia University for Applied Sciences disposes contacts to several foreign universities, not only in Europe, but worldwide. The cooperation between the educational establishments has become diverse, and students obtain many different opportunities, internship semester, study abroad semester, student research paper like the Diplomarbeit (Diploma thesis) or even to complete a masters study abroad.
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International Summer University

The participants in the International Summer University have just experienced how much fun it can be to gather practical international experience. The ISU has taken place for a few years in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at Ostfalia University in Wolfenbüttel. Students from all over the world do not only receive technical content during the ISU. The Summer University also serves another purpose: Students gather social and cultural experiences – what could be the foundation for a semester abroad, for instance.
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