Bachelor and Master open the world to you

Bachelor and Master are internationally accepted degrees which enable you to work abroad. During your studies at Ostfalia, you have the opportunity to gain not only valuable personal experiences, but also German expertise in energy and building technology or in bio- and environmental engineering.



ERASMUS+ is a widespread program of the European Union which promotes study visits and internships of students within Europe based on bilateral agreements between higher education institutions. Our faculty has ERASMUS+ agreements with various universities in Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Spain, Lithuania and Austria. An overview of our partner universities inside as well as outside of Europe can be found under International Partners.

Double Degree

As a special proof of your international study experience, you have the opportunity to obtain a double degree in the course of study Bio- and Environmental Engineering and Energy and Building Technology. In addition to the Bachelor certificate of your home institution, you will receive the corresponding certificate from Ostfalia.
Our partner universities for a double degree are located in Finland, Norway, Spain and China:

  • Bio- and Environmental Engineering

- Tampere, Finland (TAMK)
- Savonia, Finland
- Trondheim, Norway
- Valladolid, Spain

  • Energy and Building Services Engineering
    - Shanghai, China (CDHAW)


In order to gain a double degree, you have to study at Ostfalia for at least one year, during which you have to reach at least 60 CP, including your bachelor thesis. Ostfalia and your host university mutually fully accept each other's academic achievements at the respective partner university.

Linguistic Proficiency

In order to study at Ostfalia, you should have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses which you want to attend. Many of our courses are in German language, but we also offer English-language courses. You can find an overview of our courses in English here . The Language Center of Ostfalia offers a wide range of language courses to learn German or English or refresh your language skills.

Planning and application

If you are interested in studying at Ostfalia, please get into contact with the International Student Office (ISO) of Ostfalia. In addition, you can contact our international coordinator Prof. Dr. Corinna Klapproth ( Both the ISO and our international coordinator can help you planning your stay at Ostfalia as well as advise and assist you with your application at Ostfalia.


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