Bachelor Degree Program Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and Economics - Dual Programme

Innovative electrical engineers are developing solutions for the challenges of tomorrow: emission-free electric cars, renewable energies, or modern communication tools are only a few areas we are working on. However, it is not sufficient for companies to only be concerned with the technical side of these promising fields. In order to be successful in the market, companies must consider problems also from an economic standpoint, while keeping the needs of the customers in mind. Here is where the degree course “Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and Economics” comes into play.

Approximately two thirds of the course material deal with the subjects of electrical engineering and information technology. The technical part of the studies has a focus on the basic principles as well as in depth lectures from the automation, energy and IT fields. A broad basis in business administration, such as cost accounting, Marketing, Controlling, Finances or business law, will be conveyed in the commercial part of the studies. The lectures from the commercial part of the studies are offered online, which grants the students more flexibility in their time as well as their physical location.

There are two variants for the dual degree program:

in the first variant (with integrated vocational training) students also complete a trade apprenticeship in an affiliate company  and attain a vocational degree as well as a Bachelors of Engineering degree. The final exam for the apprenticeship is normally conducted by the chamber of commerce.

Students also complete in-depth internship phases with affiliate companies in the second variant (with integrated industrial internships). In this option, attendance at a vocational college is not required. A qualification as a skilled tradesman is not a part of this degree program. An internship semester can also be replaced by distributed internship phases for a total time of 18 weeks in an affiliate company.

Advantages of a dual degree program

  • compensation for the internship
  • good career prospects: job offer from the affiliate company is possible
  • two degrees within a short time (for the variant with integrated vocational training)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lilia Lajmi
Phone: 0049 + 5331 939-42640


Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Duration of study: 9 Semester standard study period
Language of instruction: german
Beginning: in the winter semester
Credit Points: 210

Study Regulations •  Examination Regulations •  Module catalogue  • Accreditation Certificate 

An additional qualification as a skilled tradesman (for the variant with integrated vocational training) i.e.: IT Specialist for application development, Mechatronics technician or electronics installer, Electrician for automation technology



Wichtige Studieninhalte:

Technischer Bereich (ca. 2/3 des Lehrstoffes)

  • Digitaltechnik
  • Elektrische Messtechnik
  • Elektrotechnik
  • Ingenieurmathematik
  • Ingenieurinformatik
  • Netzwerktechnologien
  • Regelungstechnik

Kaufmännischer Bereich (ca. 1/3 des Lehrstoffes)

  • Kosten- und Erlösrechnung
  • Rechnungswesen
  • Controlling
  • Marketing
  • Personal
  • Logistik
  • Investition
  • Wirtschaftsrecht


Order of study:
1st, 2nd and 4th semester: basics
3rd and 6th semester: Internship semester in an affiliate company
5th, 7th and 8th semester: main studies
9th semester: integrated internship phase and bachelor thesis

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Study content

technical field:
basics such as DC and AC power, measurement technology, IT, digital technology (basic studies), specialization in energy technology, IT, control engineering, software engineering, power electronics, electrical energy distribution, digital information transfer, communication systems (main studies)

commercial field:
general business administration, marketing, accounting, human resources (basic studies) basics and specialization in economic law, cost and revenue accounting, macroeconomics, financing and controlling, logistics, investment (main studies)

„Integration“ courses such as statistics and project management as a link between the key topics of economics and technology as well as completion of the study thesis, internship project and bachelor thesis

Berufsperspektiven nach dem Studium

Typical occupations:

  • Typical occupations:
  • corporate management
  • plant monitoring
  • quality management
  • technical sales

Bewerbung / Zulassung

Admission requirements
High School Diploma or advanced technical college certificate
Internship or apprenticeship contract with an affiliate company
no pre-study internship necessary
no numerus clausus
Contracts with affiliate companies are currently in negotiation. Possible affiliate companies can be found in the list from the degree program “Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Dual Program”.

application deadline
for Ostfalia: July 15th (start of studies in the winter semester)
for affiliate company: application from the fall of the preceding year is recommended

Wie bewerben?
Eine Bewerbung für einen Studienplatz an der Ostfalia erfolgt über das Online-Verfahren. 
Das Portal zur Online-Bewerbung ist für Bewerbungen ab Mitte Mai (zum Wintersemester) bzw. Mitte November (zum Sommersemester) freigeschaltet.
Wichtige Informationen zur Bewerbung finden Sie auf den Seiten des Immatrikulationsbüros.

Fragen zum Bewerbungsverfahren, zu den Studienmöglichkeiten an der gesamten Ostfalia sowie weitere Fragen rund ums Studium beantwortet die Zentrale Studienberatung (ZSB)

Weitere Infos zum Bewerbungsverfahren

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