Before you leave Germany at the end of your study period, you need to complete a few important tasks.

This checklist will advise you what you have to do:

Transcript of Records

In order to receive your Transcript of Records, please download your ECTS Leistungsübersicht from the portal. Please check whether this overview is complete. In case lectures are missing on this overview, please ask your professor for your grade. Please send this overview (together with the message from your professor) to the International Student Office.

If you do not have all grades prior to your departure, please ask your professors to send all missing grades to the International Student Office as soon as possible. Once we have all your grades, we will issue your Transcript of Records, which will be sent to you by post.

Ending of Your Rental Contract

Rooms in the student residence are mostly determined. That means they have a specific ending date given. Only few of them are undetermined. Please check your contract for that information. The determined contracts do not have to be cancelled.

As tenant from the student residence, you have to contact the caretaker of your house to ask him/her for an appointment to check your room. Once the caretaker has checked the room and everything is fine (nothing broken or damaged), you will get back the deposit you paid at the beginning of your stay.

There are two options:

1st way:

You wait until the student residence reimburses the amount on your German bank account.
This takes 3-4 weeks so you will have to tell the German bank to keep your account open for another month after your departure, close it then and transfer the money left on it to your account back home.

2nd way:

You close your bank account and get a paper from your bank confirming the closing. Then you take that paper and the confirmation of your caretaker and go to Studentenwerk's main office in Braunschweig. There you just show the two documents and get back the deposit in cash.

The service office of Studentenwerk Ostniedersachsen in Braunschweig is located in: Wilhelmstraße 1, 38100 Braunschweig
The opening hours are: Mon, Tue, Thu between 09:30 am and 12:30 as well as between 01:30 pm and 3:00 pm. Fridays it is 09:30 am until 12:30. Wednesdays the service office is closed.

Cancellation of Enrolment at Ostfalia

You are enrolled in the winter term until February 28 and in the summer term until August 31. The health insurance is closely linked to the semester period. If you want to leave Germany prior to these dates, you have to cancel the health insurance in order to avoid any further payments. In order to cancel the health insurance, you have to cancel your enrolment at the Ostfalia University first.

Since this form is completely written in German, we already highlighted the important facts you have to fill out.

Please bring your cancellation of enrolment to the International Student Office. The International Student Office informs the health insurance that you are going to leave.

Closing Your Bank Account

You can close your bank account prior to your departure or ask the bank to keep it valid until a specific date after your departure. This depends on your own decision.

Before finally cancelling the account, please make sure that all charges have been taken from it.

Town Hall

Before traveling home again, you have to have to give notification that you leave Germany .

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