International Business Law Semester (IBLS) at Brunswick European Law School (BELS)


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Experience. Apply. Succeed.


"Our students rate your school as the best and most professional by far“.

Prof. Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, Director of Symbiosis Law School Pune, India.


"[A] transcontinental pathway into a professional career".

Jürgen Bröhmer, Professor at Murdoch University, Perth.


"My Erasmus+ was such a sui genersi experience! Who can say they have lived an Erasmus during a global pandemic, right? However, even in these unpredictable and difficult circumstances, BELS professors and the whole staff were absolutely great in making me feel comfortable and provided me a high level International Semester. I absolutely recommend it and I hope to come back to the Ostfalia University one day or another!"

Mario Noccerino, law student at the University of Naples, Italy



The aim of the IBLS International Business Law Semester at BELS is to provide you with tools that will further your career success. We focus on the following three success factors:

  1. Gain intercultural competencies
  2. Develop your personal strengths
  3. Learn about various international business and law topics

1. Gain intercultural competencies

Many businesses overseas fail because of a misunderstanding of culture. Too often, we assume that our business partners overseas behave as we do, and we act accordingly. This assumption can lead to frustration, anger, and resignation. Influential business people have a deep appreciation for different cultural behaviour patterns in organisations. Thus, intercultural competence is a critical success factor in international business. We will teach you the essential intercultural skills at IBLS.

2. Develop your personal strengths 

Living in another country will have an enormous impact on your personal development and growth. You will face many challenges; however, you will develop strategies to solve problems effectively and to move on successfully. Moreover, you will build your social skills, make new friends and learn about new things. You will develop more self-esteem and become more self-confident. These attributes will all contribute to strengthening and developing your personality.

3. Learn about various international law and business topics

You have the choice between a perfect blend between law and business units delivered by the experts from our faculties of law and business. Please note that the currently listed units might be object to change.


All of our lecturers convey in-depth knowledge about their topics. They have all worked in the industry before joining Ostfalia University. This industry experience makes their lectures and workshops particularly relevant and practice-oriented. Another advantage is the small number of students who attend individual classes. These small classes ensure a very interactive, useful and practical learning environment.


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