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I started my research-work on "zero point energy" (comlete name: "zero point energy of electromagnetic waves of quantum vacuum") in February 2000, because I wanted to learn, with which forces and energies the invisible beings (angels, spirit beings, saints, light beings, and many others, also God), invisible to us in the gross material realm, operate. It is generally known from the standard model of classical physics, that the invisible entities of physics, invisible beings, invisible matter, and invisible energy in reality are 95.4% of the entire universe. Only 4,6 % of our universe belong to the matter visible to us, to which belongs also the computer on which you are reading this text here just now, as well as all objects of our everyday life, but also all celestial bodies, and even black holes, simply everything what you can see in the universe. So I decided to turn my attention to the 95,4 % of our universe, which is dominant in the world, even if it is not directly visible for our senses. 

When I started to understand a little bit of it, I realized very quickly: Nobody will believe me, if I can't prove it concretely in the laboratory, by real practical measurements. This is how I came to my electrostatic rotor, with which I was able to convert zero point energy into classical energy of the rotation of a little rotor, which is regarded as a fundamental scientific proof of the existence of zero point energy of the quantum-vacuum (even on the surface of the earth). I did this as a research guest in a laboratory at the Otto von Gericke University in Magdeburg (Germany, not far away from my University). It is generally recognized and accepted (as consent in the scientific community), that there is a permanent conversion of zero point energy into other forms of energy (back and forth) in the universe. The colleagues in the department of cosmology call the “ zero point energy” with the name “dark energy”. With my small rotor experiment, I proved that exactly this energy conversion works also terrestrially on the earth surface, same as in the universe - finally the earth is also a planet, flying in the universe.

After I had given that proof of the technical usability of zero point energy, because I had driven a practical rotor with it, the zero point energy community came up to me, accepted me happily and showed me that there are already numerous other machines, which do exactly this energy conversion. There are even strong and powerful such engines. Inventors with such devices exist all over the world, only their engines never reached market maturity. Thus the people from the zero point energy community suggested to me to develop some zero point energy engines on my own, which is no problem for me, because my unique selling point worldwide is, that I have discovered and mastered the theory of the zero point energy conversion.

So I developed (in theory) a whole series of different concepts for different zero point energy engines, which together side by side can cover all types of needs of the world energy market. The theory is in place, and now I am looking for funding partners to develop such devices practically in the laboratory. First are the tasks of research and development to build powerful prototypes, followed by further development into market readiness and mass production. People need the clean free zero point energy – there is a strong “market pull”.




Curriculum vitae:

Born in Bonn in 1961.

Studies of Physics, minor subjects Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer science, at the University of Bonn

Diploma thesis: in the field of Experimental nuclear physics (nuclear fission experiment)

Doctoral thesis: in the field of Applied solid state physics at the University of Regensburg

Five years of leading management activity at an automotive supplier (Stuttgart area)

Since 1998 professor for Experimental physics at the University of Applied Sciences Wolfenbüttel Ostfalia




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