Risks and side effects of using zero point energy

As soon as energy no longer costs anything and no longer pollutes our environment, which is the case, with the use of zero point energy, we can do a quite lot of good things, and open up new fields of activity, which previously had been inaccessible to us without zero point energy.


We will look at a few examples below – inviting everybody to add further more creativity.


(1.) Production of drinking water:  Everywhere on earth there is enough water, only in the driest regions of this earth, in the deserts, the water is solved as vapor in the air, thus it does not fall down by itself as rain there, as it does in our regions. With a little help, however, we can still get the water to compensate from the air: All we need is a cooler, that is, a refrigerator and a surface cooled by it. This requires 0.28 kWh of energy per litre of water. That's the solution of the water-problem. Thus, even the Atacama Desert and the Sahara, the two driest deserts on earth, would have much more water than necessary to live comfortably.


(2.) Solution of the world hunger-problem:  The generation (condensation) of water in the desert supplies so much water that it will become easy to irrigate the entire Sahara. This would help many people to grow food in their homeland.

To transport the vision, I like to show two informations, which make good mood:

-> (a.) Desert Greening by Madjid Abdellaziz

-> (b.) The man who planted trees



(3.) The cleaning of the oceans:  How can such a philanthropic task of environmental protection bring financial profits - or: Who will finance such a project ?

Quite simply: Let us take the plastic waste out of the ocean, which our Earth collects by alone at six large whirlpools worldwide, to many cubic kilometers large blocks; and let us process the material back into raw plastic (monomer). This will be even slightly cheaper to produce plastic raw material, than today's processing of petroleum into plastic. Our benefit is due to the use of zero point energy, so the fresh plastic from extracted waste will sell well at the usual market prices. By the way, we have to clean the oceans in order to survive on earth, because most of the oxygen-producing microorganisms (algae, plankton, etc.) die from the plastic waste, and therefore in foreseeable future (in a few decades of years), the earth would run out of air, if we would not clean our oceans.



(4.) Purification of the earth's atmosphere:  Even if the scientific discussion about the CO2-problem has not yet been clarified, I still like to present the following possibility for discussion with the help of zero point energy:

Take CO2 out of the earth's atmosphere, decompose these molecules with the help of zero point energy into pure carbon and pure oxygen, release the oxygen into the earth's atmosphere, compress the carbon into briquettes, and bury them in coal mines, where the carbon originally came from. By the way, we can additionally remove other dirt, such as fine dust, from the earth's atmosphere at the same time and bury it in the ground, together with the carbon.


Do you like these side effects ?

Me too !

Let's do it together and heal our planet earth, so that also our children and children's children will have a nice place to live.