Details in Physics

1. Fundamental basics:
Part 1 is to open an underatanding to the zero point energy of the quantum-vacuum and its conversion in useable classical energy.
2. A first usable zero point energy engine
In part 2, I present a method for the theoretical construction and computer-simulation of a powerful magnetic motor.
3. General construction principles for zero point energy converters
In Part 3, I develop a basic theory of zero point energy conversion and apply it by designing several examples of ZPE-engines in theory.
4. Practical economic use of zero point energy
In order to cover all the different types of energy requirement in the energy market, we need different zero point energy converter systems. Here I present some of them from my research and development concepts. Final aim is to produce ZPE-motors for everybody.


By the way, if you want to get a simple optical impression of the appearance of my very first electrostatic rotors, please have a look at the following two videos.
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