The subject is known in principle. The condensation energy of water amounts to 0,28 kWh per liter of water. However, depending on the temperature of the water-bearing air and the wind speed, noticeably more energy must be expended, so that on average we have an energy consumption in the range of 0,3 ... 0,6 kWh per each liter of water. 

In the literature and in the internet, plenty of sources of information can be found, see for example:


Since we can provide the cooling power from thermo-solar cells with absorber refrigerators about 40...50 % below the usual market price level so far, we can operate active cooling surfaces to generate drinking water from the air. Another trick lies in the absorber medium: zeolite, for example, is very efficient and has hardly been used so far, so that we expect a saving (cost per liter of water) of noticeably more than 40 % compared to solutions that have been available on the market so far.



Summary: In drinking water / fresh water - generation, we do not quite achieve a price halving compared to previously known solutions, but nearly.