Projects (short version)

I restrict myself here only to those few zero point energy – systems, about which I have the practical realization-concepts by myself.


1. Permanent batteries

Infinite batteries contain electrodes made of materials which have been used so far only for research purpose; and instead of an electrolyte they contain a substance which absorbs thermal radiation (infrared) from the ambient thermal heat, ensuring their energy supply.


2. Motionless converter

Motionless converters are zero point energy converters without moving parts, and thus completely wear-free. The principle of operation is similar to that of an electrical transformer, but instead of being powered by a primary circuit, they are powered by zero point energy, whereby the primary and secondary coils constantly exchange their roles (in the case of 50 Hz current, this role changes 50 times per second).


3. HHO systems and water motors

HHO systems are based on the decomposition of the water molecule, either by zero point energy or by nuclear transmutation processes. The resulting oxyhydrogen gas contains a very high energy density and can thus easily drive internal combustion engines as we know them today - but as fuel we just need water, no gasoline at all.


4. Magnetic motors

Magnetic motors are motors, driven entirely by magnetic forces. In principle, they run quite similarly to electric motors, but classical electric motors consist of magnets and coils, with the coils serving to generate magnetic fields due to an electric current through each coil. If we put away the coils and install magnets instead, we save the current that feeds these coils. Consequently, we get engines that are relatively similar to electric motors, but they don't need a supply cable and they don't need an electric input. If use a magnetic motor to drive an electric generator, we can generate electricity for a whole household or for an industrial company in arbitrary size.


5. Magnetic switches

In the same way as transistors switch electric fields, magnetic switches can switch magnetic fields. Thus, by means of a small low-energy control field, we can switch a large strong working-field from a permanent magnet, which in turn drives a magnetic motor, or induces an electric voltage in a coil via the law of induction. The zero point energy conversion (so-called “ over-unity”) is achieved because the strong magnetic field of the permanent magnet does not have to be supplied by an electric current (as the coil had to be).


6. Gravitational systems and hydraulic systems

Not only electric and magnetic fields can be used for the utilization of zero point energy, but also the gravitational field. On the surface of the earth, we have a rather strong gravitational field at our disposal. For example, we can influence the gravitational field according to the Einstein-Cartan-Evans theory or according to the systems of Evgenij Podkletnov (currently NASA).


7. Capillary pumps

Capillaries pull water upwards against gravity, in the same way, as trees do. By the means of suitable electrical impulses, the water at the top of the capillary tube can be extracted from the capillary without significant energy loss, so that the water is lifted upwards against gravity due to the capillary forces. Subsequently, the water outside the capillaries at the upper end of the capillary, is allowed to flow down in a small waterfall and drive a classical water wheel, thus making use of good old water power.


8. Electron beam tubes

Electron beam tubes work due to the same principle as my EMDR magnetic motor, according to the theory of "Finite Propagation-speed of the Interacting Fields". Because of the very low mass of the electrons, we can accelerate the electrons to relativistically high speed, which makes our functioning-principle work very efficiently, so that we can achieve an immensely high power density. Since there are no moving parts except the electrons, the electron beam tubes work free of wear. The inspiration for this development I got from Nikola Tesla.



Together side by side, all these energy sources are able to cover all energy requirements of mankind, so that the need for costly material energy sources (such as oil, and all others as well) is completely eliminated, as well as high voltage power lines, nuclear power, and energy costs, environmental damage, health hazards (smog), and so on . . . .


If the short explanations here are not enough for you, please have a look at the detailed long version of the "Projects" page. -> Link to the detailed page: "ZPE-projects".