1. Private houses

Households are supplied with energy completely autarkic. A public power grid with overhead power lines, huge windmills in the landscape, coal-fired power plants, nuclear power plants, etc… is completely unnecessary and will be abolished during a transition period - in favour of a beautiful clean landscape.
For self-sufficient supply of individual residential buildings, for example the following types of zero point energy converters are suitable : magnetic motors, magnetic switches, gravitational systems, capillary pumps. The dissemination and implementation of the technology begins with this very special system, which is the first to emerge successfully from the research and development work.
For single private dwellings, the central house supply is a systems with approx. 5 kW ... 10 kW, but it would be also no problem to build stronger engines, because the energy costs are anyway ZERO, and the energy-consume does not load the environment, so that it will be no more necessary to pay attention to save energy. Apartment buildings and blocks of apartments could be supplied all together with one common central engine of any size and power, depending on the demands. The units can easily be placed in the basement, so that only the power supply line from the outside has to be disconnected, and the house-internal cable network has to be connected to the zero point energy motor.
Everything else remains as we know it up to now. At least for a transitional period of several years, the existing electrical appliances will simply continue to be used, because the copper cables and the sockets are already present in the house, and the electrical appliances currently in operation can cope with them perfectly.
However, as the years go by, more and more electrical appliances will be built directly with zero point energy self-sufficiency, so that there will not be any more power cables at all, and there will be no need for sockets. Even if the transitional phase, during which electrical appliances will be manufactured and continued to be used, according to the old previous design with cables for operation on sockets, after few decades of years, everybody will operate all our electrical appliances in the same way as cordless screwdrivers are operated today - namely freely movable, without cables and without sockets, but additionally without accumulators.
This vision is probably less critical for running a kitchen blender, than it is for a lawn mower with a long tangle of wires, where we always struggle to lug an extension cord, or a cord reel.
Why do I show pictures of simple household appliances that are common knowledge?
Because I want to illustrate, how comprehensively the use of zero point energy really revolutionizes and thus extremely improves our entire everyday life.
EVERYTHING that moves in our everyday life thanks to an energy source, will move freely.
The self-sufficient supply from zero point energy even works for lamps and for heating stoves, which all of them can be operated electrically. This eliminates not only the electricity connection for houses, but also the natural gas connection. Funnily enough, we then set up heating stoves wherever we like, because we don't need to look for a power outlet for them either, nor do we need a hot water line to the central heating system. Something like a central heating system becomes superfluous anyway.
Thus, due to the introduction of zero point energy, the electrical connection to the central power supplying company will be removed, in the same way, as the natural gas connection to the natural gas supplying company. Oil tanks and coal storage will not done anymore.
Motionless converters can easily be built in a power class sufficient to supply a refrigerator, a baking tube, and likewise a kitchen stove, so that these kitchen appliances can all be set up self-sufficiently and powered from zero point energy as well.
Just take a kitchen mixer into your hand - no matter where you are, because you do not need an electrical socket, which is not installed in new houses anyway.
Just prepare the cake and put it into the oven, and even the oven works without a socket.
The barbecue in the garden, of course, for reasons of nostalgia can be operated with charcoal, but it can just as well be fully electric - with the power supply, of course, from zero point energy. How could it be otherwise. With the adjacent heating coil, you can either light barbecue coals, or grill directly.
If you like to barbecue on an open fire and nevertheless want to do it with zero point energy, use a HHO-converter, which is fueled with water. Simple tap water is sufficient, of which the molecules are separated into so-called Brown's Gas with the help of zero point energy. This gas is good to do heating, welding and barbecue and everything, including brazing, which is done with open flames nowadays. We can further apply our existing know-how in dealing with open flames, even when we work with zero point energy. By the way, this can also be used to operate a cozy open fireplace in the living room - for the cozy winter night when it's snowing outside.
Of course it is nice to sit outside with friends at a barbecue on a balmy summer night. But what about on a cool spring night or a crisp fall night? It's simple: we can sit around a campfire, or a zero point energy outdoor heater. As everybody knows, energy does not cost anything.
As long as I think about energy consumers which could not run with zero point energy, I can't think of one single consumer or type of consumption, which can not be operated with zero point energy. On the search for anything which does not function with zero point energy, I arrive for the very first time at a point, where I have no idea.
In short: You can simply supply EVERYTHING that has to do with energy, by zero point energy.
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