Some internet links to my work and other sites


A technical-physical presentation, as a video in three parts

Part 1. General basics (approx. 20 minutes)

Part 2. Fundamental scientific proof (approx. 30 minutes)

Part 3. Construction of a magnetic motor, driven by zero point energy (approx. 60 minutes)


An overview presentation with technical and non-technical insights. It has been deleted many times from the internet, and reposted again and again:

Duration of the video: 57 minutes 


Why we need zero point energy if we want to survive on our earth.

Duration of the video: 2 hours + 17 minutes


Some more sites, reporting about my work and results

(a.) Secret-wiki

(b.) A wooden model to illustrate the vision

(c.) Principle of operation of a magnetic motor - explained very easy (video of good 10 minutes)

(d.) The blog: "Geht anders"

(e.) Article in the journal "raum&zeit"

=> More numerous pictures and links to my work and results



Some links to related internet-pages:


The technology page of the German Association for Zero Point Energy (DVR) shows surprisingly many examples of impressive literature references, on the conversion and use of Zero Point Energy:   More than hundred interesting links  President is the Physicist Thorsten Ludwig.


The Swiss Association for Zero Point Energy (SVR) is very active and also runs a very extensive scientific-content site:

(a.) Presidents of the SVR are the engineer Adolf Schneider and his wife Inge Schneider

(b.) Borderlands of Science (the related science site)


Very interesting and recommendable is also the work of the Austrian Association for Zero Point Energy (ÖVR), operated by its President, the engineer Wilhelm Mohorn


Finally among the highly recommendable zero point energy organizations is the SAFE = "Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für freie Energie" (Switzerland consortium for free energy).  The president is Elisabeth Lehmann. She is mathematician.


A generally understandable book for physical laymen:

English translation of the Book title: Free energy for ALL people !


Also a very interesting book, in English Language:

The coming Energy Revolution, book by Jeane Manning


Conversion of the Zero-point Energy of the Quantum Vacuum into Classical Mechanical Energy


Some few Links to Videos with me and about me:


Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur: Wie funktioniert ein Raumenergie-Converter?


Energie für Jedermann – Neue Form der Stromgewinnung


Freie Energie - Prof. Dr. Claus W. Turtur über seine Grundlagenforschung am Raumenergie-Motor


Vortrag „Freie Energie“ von Prof. Claus Turtur in Hamburg


Vixra - Archive


EMDR Konverter nach Prof Turtur


Raumenergie verstehen und nutzen - Interview Prof. Turtur


Magdeburger Motor von Claus Turtur - freie Energie Motor Raumenergie


 Freie Energie für alle Menschen - Prof. Claus Turtur


  1. AZK - Prof.Dr. Claus Turtur - Freie Energie


Raumenergie - ein großer Schritt für die Menschheit - Interview mit Prof. Claus Turtur


"Freie Energie für Jeden" Seegespräche mit Claus Turtur, Jörg Schauberger, Robert Stein u.v.m.


1-kW Raumenergie-Konverter - Prof. Dr. Claus Turtur


 Wider die Natur 432Hz Musik - Turtur



And here is a (partwise) list of publications.



Further information:


Extensive information about many zero point energy systems is also given by the French "Free energy - practitioner" Jean-Louis Naudin. His page is: „ The Quest For Overunity“, by JLN Labs 1997-2013

This is mainly technical information, extremely comprehensive, worth reading for everybody who is interested in Free Energy



Very active in the issue of "Free Energy" was the meanwhile 90 years old retired American officer Tom Bearden, who wrote a website with many kinds of information about non-technical backgrounds and aspects, behind the zero point energy.