At this point, I would like to happily say, that we have already reached the third of Mahatma Gandhi's four stages, i.e. we are one step ahead of success.

-> (a.) I can justify this opinion

-> (b.) Also in English language

-> (c.) And who likes to see a whole (longer) list about it, look here.


Thus it is not surprising, that also against me completely fictitious slanders are brought into the Internet, some of them sounding like alleged criticism. Let's take it as recognition and compliment.

As soon as somebody finances this laboratory work, we will go to success together.


Or - to say it with Einstein (two quotations, translated from German to English language):

"You can recognize a really good idea by the fact that its realization seems to be excluded from the beginning." (Source)

"If an idea does not sound absurd at the outset, there is no hope for it."(Source)