(1.) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This world-famous institute presented light-emitting diodes (LED) with a COP of 230% with regard of classical types of energy.

There is a technical publication in one of the most prestigious journals in the world.

The article can be found in Internet.

They still discuss thermodynamic effects, namely the academic question of whether zero point energy conversion or zero point entropy conversion is the reason. However, this difference is not important for saving the environment, the main thing is that it works.



(2.) U.S. Navy to turn seawater into Jet-fuel

From time to time, people ask me, whether we should be afraid of the military using zero point energy, because it gives great possibilities to kill humans. Here is my answer: Military hss already been using zero point energy for a long time. To refrain from making zero point energy inventions, in order to avoid misuse for military purposes is not an argument, because all we can achieve is, to refraining zero point energy inventions from peaceful use. This is written from time to time in very famous newspapers, appears there and disappeares from time to time.


Washington Times

At Google, also many other Links can be found, which speak about military technology.

This makes me wonder: if Ihe military uses zero point energy - why can't we get it? Of course, it's clear that the military has plenty enough money to fund professional zero point energy research with proper lab equipment and full-time personnel at top level. These people have resources I haven't even dream of. With such laboratory equipment of course, anything is possible.



(3.) Brilliant Light Power

The inventor is Randell Mill: He has a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Behind his zero point energy invention are 20 years of professional research. Finally, the results were even presented on the "CNN" channel. 

Video-Link Nr.1

Video-Link Nr.2



(4.) Magnetic motor by Friedrich Lüling:

In the 1950s, the graduate engineer Friedrich Lüling, developed a self-running magnetic motor, powered entirely by zero point energy - and presented his invention to the general public at the cinema in the 1960s. We can still see the cinema presentation today, as it was shown on the UFA newsreel. In the 1950s and 1960s, this was the news for people who did not have a television set at home at the time. The UFA newsreel was shown in the cinema before the main movies. Today, you can find the old newsreels in the German Federal Archives. 

The namely Videoclip of the zero point energy Magnetic motor is the second in the mentioned newsreel, beginning at minute 1:51.

Also the reason for which the zero point energy could not prevail even at this time, is mentioned, because the video clip ends with the words "frozen" and "sabotage".


(5.) Ford "Magneto" (A car from series production)

Rather often people ask me, why zero point energy self-running engines are not made available to the general public. The best way to understand the background is, to look at an example that happened about 100 years ago in the major automotive industry: Ford's Model T (built 1908-1927) had an alternator called a "magneto" that provided emergency running features that allowed the driver to continue driving to the next gas station even if the tank was empty. About 20000 ... 30000 vehicles of this type have been sold by Ford, but they disappeared during the years.

It is even possible to find pictures and photos at Google.

Why did all these many existing cars of the model "Ford T Magneto" disappear, ALL of  them ?

During the past decades of years, the way of speaking changed into the narrative, that the Model-T only contained a "magneto alternator" which was nothing more but a mere energy storage, which had to be recharged before every use by "a special winding up procedure", which stores energy due to the repulsive forces of the magnets (somehow compared to winding up the spring in a mechanical clockwork). Other sources also refer to a battery as energy storage. Such explanation simply satisfy "professional skeptics".

I recalculated this, and found that if cannot be true. It needs just a simple head calculation, which you find in the attached PDF.

Short simple head calculation



(6.) Howard Johnson’s Permanent Magnet Motor

The man was a highly respected top researcher before he got involved with zero point energy, but then he lost his job as a consequence of his zero point energy work.

Nevertheless, a US patent is available: United States Patent 4,151,431

If you want to know details, you can enter have a look via the following two internet links.

-> Link No.1

-> Link No.2



(7.) Hans Coler: "Magnetstrom-Apparat" ("magnet-current-apparatus") and "Stromerzeuger" ("current generator")

Hans Coler, former captain at sea, has built his two zero point energy converters of the type "motionless" since the 1920s, because he wanted to supply submarines with it.

The devices have been tested and verified at four universities, namely in Munich, in Trondheim, Copenhagen and in Berlin, by professors of physics and engineering. The colleague who carried out the investigations in Munich was the famous professor Schumann, whose name is also standing for the "Schumann frequency" of the electromagnetic natural oscillations of our planet earth.

News of Coler's zero point energy converters finally reached British intelligence in the 1940s. Hans Coler was willing to cooperate with British and Norwegian intelligence, resulting in an intelligence report that was published many years after the Great War II. It can be read at: The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating To An Alleged New Source Of Power. R. Hurst, B.I.O.S. Final Report No. 1043, B.I.O.S.Trip No. 2394 (anno 1940) B.I.O.S. Target Number: C31/4799, British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee

The report can be read partwise und the link given here.



(8.) The Klimov-Process

Another application of zero point energy, which is also reserved for military use only and not made available to the general population, comes from the world-famous Los Alamos Laboratory. This is the research facility where J. Robert Oppenheimer invented the atomic bomb in the 1940s.

What Viktor Klimov has developed there in our time is a solid-state physics method of converting zero point energy, to power a laser.


Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 186601, 2004

A further report was written by the retired colonel Tom Bearden.

The latter report openly states that the method would be a way to solve humanity's energy problem, if the technology would be released.



(9.) LUTEC, Australia: Electric-Electric-Converter

An electric-electric converter is an engine that is fed with electric energy in the input and delivers electric energy in the output. The peculiarity of the LUTEC machine is the COP (coefficient of performance) of 1400%; and this with a confirmation from the largest expert on earth, the Swiss Société Générale de Survéillance.

-> A further report is found on this internet-site

-> And here is an other example.



(10.) Keely-Motor

Finally, also Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the Waldorf schools and of the "Anthroposophy" was a proponent of zero point energy, because he was allowed to get to know a zero point energy engine, namely the Keely engine, built by John Ernst Worrell Keely. You can still find this today in the Wiki of Anthroposophy:






(11.) Stanley Meyer succeeded to drive a car by plain water instead of gazoline.

Mixing a little of water into the gasoline is a technology that occurs several times, but to drive completely without any gasoline, but only with water, is just the special achievement of Stanley Meyer.

Links:    Nr.1 ,   Nr.2 ,   Nr.3 ,   Nr.4 ,   Nr.5 ,   Nr.6

However, there are also skeptical Links:    Nr.1 ,   Nr.2



(12.) Anti-Gravitation, Jewgeni Podkletnov

The topic of overcoming gravity has fascinated people for a long time. "Levitation" is one term for this topic, "anti-gravity" another. At the Tampere University of Technology in Finland, Yevgeny Podkletnov has reduced the Earth's gravity in a closed room - which is a seemingly fantastic basic experiment that has since inspired further research work all the way to NASA, of course.   Here is a short explanation from the University of Berlin.

Technically, this shielding of the gravitational field is based on the fact, that an (ponderable) object in the gravitational field of the earth experiences a lower weight force above a superconductor, compared to the situation without this superconductor. In the meantime, the discovery has even entered the general technical literature as the Podkletnov effect:   On the way to the Ufo.



On the subject of "cold fusion", there is a working example that became known as the "Low Energy Nuclear Reaction" (LENR). It is associated with the inventor Andrea Rossi.

See: Nucleon polarizability and long range strong force from ϭI=2 meson exchange potential.

Carl-Oscar Gullström, Andreas Rossi in arXiv:1703.05249v3 [nucl-th] 16 Aug 2017.

See also the United States Patent No. US 9,115,913 B1 dated Aug 25, 2015, as well as numerous other literature references.

Seemingly, the system has now reached market maturity, so that even private people can already order small units.





(14.) Finally, I would like to mention also my own Electrostatic Rotor, of which the following video gives a simple visual impression of its appearance.

At Youtube (Duration: one and a half minutes)