Already in the column " Additional possibilities", I have created an Internet sub-page, on which I give some references to environmental protection possibilities. It is obvious that with the help of zero point energy, we can clean the oceans and the earth's atmosphere, as well as solve hunger and thirst problems of the people - even this goes with conveniant financial profit, as far as we like to have such.

However, the fact that in our everyday life, apart from these just mentioned very big world-shaking problems, also some smaller problems can be solved, should not be disregarded either. Of course, people working in the energy industry at the classical petroleum producers or in the nuclear power plants, are first of all infected by the fear of unemployment. But all these people can build zero point energy converters, and implement environmental protection measures. De facto, the use of zero point energy will create a remarkable amount of new work to be done - namely to such an extent, that we are guaranteed to create more jobs in total, than will be lost from the jobs that are no longer needed. Overall, we can expect unemployment to largely disappear, at least for all those people who like to work.

The classic mechanical and electrical engineering companies, and virtually all other classical industries (with the exception of the energy companies) can convert their production, changing only the technical performance of the products, but retaining the company and economic structures that exist today. If new sources are made accessible - zero point energy is such a new source - then first of all the demand (in market) will increase, and thus the economy will grow and pick up speed. This will go on for several decades of years, because the conversion of the entire energy supply of our planet, with all the subsequent business, gives a lot of work to be done. The difference to the previous classical view is only that with zero point energy, we do not disturb the world for the sake of economic growth, but we make our world a better one. This is necessary so that we can continue to live happily and healthily on our planet sustainably, i.e. indefinitely in time, for many human generations. And quite incidentally, the economic material prosperity on the planet increases considerably.

I see the vision of a healthy and cheerful planet, and now it is time for financing partners to share and implement my vision. There is a lot of work to be done. Let's do it, and let's all live well from it. I think, those who bring such a good future-oriented work on the way, may also receive an adequate wage/benefit.


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