3. Freedom to act as you like, and further new possibilities

My home office is in the forest, not yet right now, but in the zero point energy age, I might decide to do so.
Sometimes I prefer a beautiful vacation sandy beach.
I sit in the wonderful nature and enjoy the singing of the pretty birds.
"Tirili, tirila" - sings my laptop or phone.
Can I ever run out of electricity? Of course not, because I use zero point energy. The magic word is “every lasting battery”.
“Infinite batteries” = “every lasting batteries”: These are batteries that never run empty; or in the worst case, they last only several years, in the best case longer than a human life, in any case longer than the electrical device, which I operate with them.
Yes, of course, I must admit that my cell-phone is 3 mm thicker than a normal classic phone with a lithium-ion battery. But my phone doesn't need any charger. It doesn't have a port for a charger at all.
My computer is even one and a half centimeters thicker than a normal classical laptop. It needs a lot of power, and therefore the volume of the zero point energy battery.
Well - does that bother me? No, not really.
I would be much more disturbed by the lack of a power socket in my home office in the forest or at the beach, or ... wherever I like it.
Do I really have to sit in the forest for my home office?
I could of course relinquish from running phones and computers WITHOUT a socket, after all, I can get by with computers and phones today, that can't operate without a socket.
But the colleagues who are constantly on the move, for example, industry managers whose cell phones are already attached to their ears, will find it a serious relief when there is no problem with battery running out, and thus no need to search for a power socket, to recharge the battery.
Finally my service is over - and I have to go home . . . . What a pity. It was much nicer on the beach than in the house. I want to stay in my work environment. "Outdoor" is my choice, which I enjoy.
The spirit or gas stove in the wilderness is not powered by a permanent battery, but by a motionless zero point converter.
The permanent battery is sufficient for the GPS.
The camera, of course, needs a permanent battery, same as the radio does.
The night lamp in the tent can also be supplied with a permanent battery thanks to energy-saving LEDs.
Water filters (purifiers) can be operated by hand, but with zero point energy, I can even boil the water. Clean freshly boiled water in the wilderness, that's a really hygienic preparation I couldn't afford with a gas stove. Gas bottles get empty, zero point energy does not. If you have to generate drinking water from snow in winter, you will be happy about the zero point energy cooking opportunity, because you can even get warm water in such quantity that it is enough for washing and showering - a luxury that would be unimaginable in nature outside today. You don't have to carry zero point energy with you, it weighs nothing and is always there anyway.
Do we want to get cocky and build exoskeletons?
The term sounds a little creepy, but it's not. Exoskeletons are known from medical technology, for example. You put them on like knights used to put on armor; however, servo motors are built into the joints to assist our movements. This is an “active suit”, a muscle booster to put on like a piece of clothing. With this, even my mother can effortlessly climb 3000 meters of altitude in one day with an 80-kilo backpack without getting tired. The power comes from the servo-motors because my mother, with her 90 years of physical age, suffers from medically diagnosed muscle weakness.
If you can't imagine it, just look it up on Wikipedia.
And for I can't keep up with the 90-year-old woman, who easily jogs up the mountains, I also want to have such an exoskeleton.
How much horsepowers does an exoskeleton have?
In any case, more than a horse.
I let myself jog - by my exoskeleton.
It can do about 30 km/h, for many hours a day.
So I can easily jog 300 ... 400 km in one day - without getting tired, of course, because the quantum vacuum that supplies the servo motors does not get tired. My God, how I feel young and strong with this device.
This will even make local means of transportation such as scooters and Segways superfluous, perhaps even bicycles.

Can I fly ?

Of course it is possible, with ultralight airplanes or with motorized kites.

Whether a flying machine with movable wings can be developed, with which I have enough power to fly thanks to my exoskeleton, will be a question of research and development work. After all, major aircraft manufacturers are already working on researching such flying machines.


To stay on the basis of technology that exists today: A paraglide with a propeller on its back will fly, corresponding inventions have already been presented on television. However, there is always a gasoline engine with it. You can buy such devices today as "backpacks":




Nevertheless, I would still be a little cautious at this point, at least at the beginning in the transition phase, because if too many fliers are flying around in the air, we will have to find a regulation so that the many flying objects do not collide. However, this limitation does not have its reason in the zero point energy.


Water also belongs to nature. Not only on the land and in the air I can move, but also under water. Riding a boat is nothing special, I don't want to talk about that, because you can do that already today. Powering the ship's engine with zero point energy is nice, but not a particularly surprising idea. Sailboats are also ships that are powered sustainably with clean energy - even if zero point energy has the advantage over it, that we don't get stuck in a calm.

BUT: Powering submarines with zero point energy is, where things really get interesting, because thanks to zero point energy, we can dive with our submarine for an unlimited period of time. The question of, whether we could ever run out of air underwater, doesn't arise, because our submarine has a device to crack the water into hydrogen and oxygen, thanks to zero point energy. The process is known as electrolysis. So, thanks to zero point energy electrolysis, we can always extract just enough oxygen from the water to keep our breathing air permanently at an oxygen content of 20%, just what is most comfortable for our human bodies. This corresponds to the oxygen content of a clean earth atmosphere. So I book a submarine trip of several days at a travel company, either as a guided group trip with a captain, or alone, or with my family - just as it is comfortable.
Diving trips as a part of active holidays exist today, with an oxygen tank on the back for a short dive duration of a few hours. But the 12-day Pacific underwater tour with sightseeing in the Mariana Trench, that is already something new, which has only become possible thanks to zero point energy oxygen supply.

At the beginning of the zero point energy era, it will be still somewhat difficult to travel into the deep space (of the universe) because, in contrast to flying the air of the earth's atmosphere, we will have to work with technically new methods to keep ourselves aloft against the earth's gravity.

There are successful and quite promising research results on the topic of "anti-gravity" and overcoming gravity. Up to now, we have not yet reached the point of knowledge, where it could be used to build mass-produced flying machines.






So there are still several technical research tasks to be solved additional to the zero point energy supply, but it seems realistic that this can be addressed, once the zero point energy is harnessed. Energy and momentum are very closely related to each other in physics. The kinetic energy of a moving mass "m" is E=p²/(2m), where "p" is the momentum. As soon as we can take energy from the space of the quantum vacuum, we should also be able to exchange momentum with the space of the quantum vacuum, and thereby enable us to exchange the recoil, which is necessary according to Newton's axion (actio=reactio) for motion, with the empty space of the quantum vacuum. As soon as this succeeds, also the entire aviation would be completely revolutionized, because we do not have to generate the impulse necessary for the recoil by a strong air flow, by the use of propellers, turbines or rotors as today. (Hot-air balloons and zeppelins can already hover in the air today, with the zeppelins filled with inert gas in particular maintaining their flight altitude without having to expend energy to do so. From an energy point of view, this is a very energy-efficient way of flying, which would definitely be advisable even today for transporting loads). However, the flight project is not the temporally first project in the zero point energy topic. It will probably become actual only after some years.  To the topic "transportation" it belongs absolutely.


Please keep in mind: If antigravity methods of flying will come into our every day’s technology, then we open ourselves thereby unbelievable possibilities, because we can deconstruct then all the ugly car roads over land all, and the people can fly then with flight cars from A to B. Does that sound like dreams of the future? Yes, of course, it sounds like a dream. But the dream of flying itself was nothing more than an ancient dream of mankind for thousands of years (see Daedalus and Icarus: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikarus), which then suddenly became reality, thanks to the Wright brothers. So let us realize our dreams and rejoice in the results:


Without dreams no visions - without visions no inventions - without inventions no progress.

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