My Vision

Many people dream of a better world. The dreamer who realizes his dreams, becomes a visionary. The visionary who inspires significantly more than 90% of all people, changes the world into a better condition. This is what business economists call "market-pull" innovation.
1. Private houses
Private households become self-sufficient, supplying themselves with energy. People will become free and independent. People have to buy the energy engine once, just like they buy a drill, a kitchen mixer or a hair dryer today. Once they have the zero point energy engine, the energy is for free.
2. Transportation
All means of transportation, from bicycles, to cars, to trains, to trucks, to ships, and to airplanes, are powered directly by zero point energy. Gasoline or batteries are not needed. People will be able to move freely, especially since fuel costs are eliminated.
3. Freedom to act as you like, and further new possibilities
New opportunities arise, traveling, interacting with nature, more opportunities for movement. Again, we create an additional freedom for all people.
This also influences outdoor & outback topics.
4. Industrial requirements and supplies
Large industrial plants need plenty of energy. Stationary plants in the multi-megawatt range are particularly inexpensive for technical reasons. If we convert the 'total cost of ownership' (to buy the engine as well as maintenance costs) of the zero point energy engines, to the price of the generated electricity, we finally get each electric kilowatt hour for a few hundredths of a cent (for instance 0,02 cent/kWh).
5. Pure luxury
There are no limits to our imagination. Once people get used to the fact, that energy doesn't costs anything, life will become easier and better in many aspects. We will develop and implement many new ideas that we can not even think of today.
6. People always think further and further and further and . . . . .
The use of zero point energy will open up possibilities of which we do not even think today, on the one hand because the old classical types of energy, bound to material energy sources, are much too expensive, on the other hand also, because the same old types of energy used up to now are much too dirty, thus damaging the environment. If we get rid of the environmental problems and the commercial cost problems in connection with energy, then new fields of activity will arise, which will truly make the entire planet bloom, even literally the driest deserts of this earth - and much more.
As soon as the research- and development- work leads to first results, the worldwide distribution of zero point energy converters (devices) will start. This will change our entire environment - an energy revolution is coming and will be accomplished for the benefit of mankind. It is necessary, indispensable.
What will the world look like during the transition period, and what will it look like after the energy revolution?
Of course, it is impossible to predict which components of the project will be the first to operate powerful as engines. In reality, one project after another will lead to powerful devices.
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