Today, each Gigawatt-hour (GWh) costs between € 50’000 and € 100’000 for large industrial customers. To estimate only 200 € per Gigawatt-hour (GWh) instead, that would be a REAL savings potential. Yes actually, the saving is more than 99% of the price, which you have to pay today. It’s not a typos, but it is really that much savings.

17 billion of Euros – this is how much the energy-intensive industries spend only in Germany for energy per year. This is written on the Internet-site of the energy-intensive industries. With zero point energy, one could lower this cost item down to finally approx. 40 ... 50 million of Euros, yes correctly: no longer as before “billions of €", but with zero point energy only “millions of €" !

By the way, the topic of “emission savings” is also settled. Save "just by the way" 100 % of the emissions. Of course, zero point energy is completely WITHOUT emission, and even this advantage is for free.    


Calculate how much money it saves worldwide, . . . . tremendously much.


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