Somebody else regarded my preceding short email response as "decadent".

Why actually?  I don't think heating water is a problem.

Does the person with the warm water swimming pool take anything away from anyone ?

Does anyone suffer any disadvantages as a result of the actions to warm up the water ?

Is anyone harmed by the actions of the immersion heater prospect ?

NO - not in the least: By using zero point energy, this can be done absolutely without any disadvantages.

So let's enjoy him to have fun.


I would not heat natural water in the nature with zero point energy, for instance a river or a lake, because this could affect nature. But if someone wants to heat his private swimming pool, then it will not affect nature. And if someone wants to have a room temperature of 25 °C in the deepest winter, and wants to leave the windows open at the same time, because he is a fan of fresh air, then this is certainly not a problem for nature, but it rather leads to the advantage that mold can never grow on the walls of his rooms.


"Moderation" is an important keyword and guideline, when the effort do not cost anything at all. For me, Moderation means, that I take all side effects into consideration and avoid disturbing side effects. But moderation does not mean self-mortification ( We don't live in the Middle Ages, when it was chic to impose unnecessary scarcity on oneself and others, or even to inflict pain on oneself (or on other people) - as is unfortunately still too often the case with too many people in our days. Moderation also does not mean to reprimand fellow human beings, as this is unfortunately misunderstood by a not to be underestimated number of people today. All of us already have lived enough with scarcity, but the quantum universe is abundance, and zero point energy is one possible way into abundance. Abundance is the predominant mood of the emerging new good age now.


As long as we do not take anything away from anyone, we may allow ourselves unlimited abundance - and our fellow human beings in the same way.


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