Quick Overview

This is my internet-site for a QUICK overview, together with its subpages: "Vision (succinct)" and "Projects (succinct)"

My field of research: Zero point energy of the electromagnetic waves of the quantum vacuum; Free energy for ALL people.

This form of energy is absolutely environmentally friendly, completely without emissions and residues, perfectly friendly to health, free of costs, and permanently available everywhere on earth for all people at all times in inexhaustible quantities.

OBJECTIVE is the development, production and distribution of zero point energy engines everywhere on our planet.

What I have achieved so far:

  1. Development of a theory of zero point energy and its utilization,
  2. Tangible practical proof of this theory in the university laboratory,
  3. Construction and computer simulation of powerful magnetic motors in theory,
  4. Development of several concepts for zero point energy machines, which together cover all types of needs of the world energy market side by side.

If you want to take the time to read the detailed pages (full length version), you can read everything in the rubric “ physical details”. There you find several hundreds of pages.

What I need now: Funding / financial partners to enable practical laboratory resources, in order to develop and produce powerful high performance prototypes, with a view to subsequent volume production. Money is needed for laboratory equipment, for various devices, for measuring equipment, for full-time high-tech staff, etc....


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