Vision (short version)

The entire energy supply of planet Earth is not sustainable as we have it today. A complete fundamental change is absolutely necessary to keep the earth habitable for us humans. 

Thereby, all our areas of life will change for the better.


1. Private households

Private households will be self-sufficiently supplied with energy from magnetic motors at a first step of transition into the new energy supply. The magnetic motor (self-running, driven by zero point energy, ZPE) will be located centrally in the basement and will supply the whole house, eliminating the need for connections to an external power company - and thus eliminating any energy costs at all. In a second step (a few years later), the electrical appliances will all be supplied individually from small (ZPE-) motionless converters, so that each individual household appliance operates without cables and no longer requires a power socket.


2. Transportation

The relatively high power density necessary for vehicles is typically supplied from so-called water motors. These are engines that do not consume gasoline, but only water, whereby the water vapor coming out of the exhaust is not released into the environment, but directly put back into the tank, so that the vehicles do not produce any emissions. Smaller, weaker vehicles such as electric bicycles can be powered by zero point energy magnetic switches or from motionless converters.


3. Mobile phones and Laptop computers, small devices

Portable electronic devices are powered by (zero point energy) permanent batteries, in the same way, as we power these devices today with rechargeable batteries, except that the ZPE-energy batteries are not charged from the wall socket, but from zero point energy, and therefore a charger is not necessary. In the worst case it might happen, that a wear leads to the fact that those permanent batteries do not last infinitely long, but only some years, in any case longer than the electronic device. This will be very interesting not only for business travellers, but it allows us a great freedom of movement, even in the outdoor area.


4. Industrial requirements

ZPE-energy causes energy prices to drop down to a few hundredths of a cent per kilowatt hour, permanently available and without any price negotiation. This will be very interesting energy buyers in the large energy-intensive industries, same as everywhere in the industrial sector. Therefore, ZPE-magnetic motors are scalable to every convenient size.


5/6. Luxury for the rich, prosperity for the poor

New opportunities will open up that not many people have thought of yet. Saving energy will no longer be necessary in the private sector (which I call a luxury), but it will also be possible to irrigate deserts, clean oceans (even this with financial profit) and much more, leading to an abundance of work, as well as prosperity, food and abundant drinking water, even in the poorest countries.


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