Concept of the TOOLBOX

The table provides an overview with all formats for those on short notice. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to communicate your project/result once or regularly?
  • Do you want to communicate content-related or emotionally?
  • Do you want to communicate regionally, nationally or internationally?

Type of content  


Project Results/Subject content News Publicity/Image

u: Press release, video format (project report), editorial format/
m: Social Media, Podcasts

u: Editorial format/
m: Social Media, Podcasts

u: Imagefilm, editorial format /
m: Events, Social Media

Science/Peers u: Journal article, editorial format/
m: Events
u: Journal article, editorial format/
m: Social Media Postings
u: Journal article, Image film, editorial format/
m: Events, Social Media
Economy u: Press release, editorial format, video format (project report)/
m: Events
u: Press release, editorial format/
m: Social Media Postings, events
u: Image film, editorial format/
m: Events, Social Media
Politics u: Press release, editorial format/
m: Events
u: Press release, editorial format/
m: Events
u: Image film, editorial format/
m: Events, Social Media

  u*/m* = unilateral communication / mutual communication


For more inspiration you can navigate through the formats yourself.


Below you will find more detailed explanations and the best practices (in German only):

Unilateral communication

Press release

A press release is a brief written statement for the press. Editorial coverage is intended to present the organization in a positive light to the public and to report on planned events, awards, etc.


Video format (Project report)

The final written report on a project can be complemented by a video format. The video gives the most relevant facts of the project. The WTT developed so far mainly in MP4 format, as this the commonly used video file format and can be played by most video players.

An excelent example is the conclusive video which was created to present the achievements of the project ingenieurregion and the final IRW 2023 video, which captures highlights of International Research Week.


Editorial format

An editorial text belongs to the category of journalistic articles. This is characterized, for example, by a report, news or an interview. The focus is on neutral reporting, which is based on the principle of journalistic work.

For instance, ingenieurregion has documented a Flying Practice as part of its project in the format of scrollytelling.


Journal article

An essay or article in a regularly published journal that reflects topics related to a specific, clearly delineated subject area.


Image film

An image film presents the project/topic in a few minutes and gives all relevant information about the idea with a promotional intention.

As part of the project ingenieurregion the campus at Suderburg presented their lab for study programmes like Water and Soil Managment.

Mutual communication

Social Media

Social media is composed of all media (platforms) placed on digital channels. It enables users to network and create and share media content, in a private context or with the general public.


Social Media Posting

A social media post is a single text written on a digital platform. This encourages mutual communication on social media and promotes the interactive exchange of information.

As part of the strategic project "", an Instagram account was created to present the results.



A podcast reproduces a collection of individual episodes by audio or video recordings on a specific topic. Interviews or conversations between presenters and/or guests are often recorded for this purpose.

One of the best practices in this form of communication is the research podcast with Prof. Wallner.



An event refers to a temporary happening for a specific group of people on site and/or digitally, which serves a specific purpose.

The following examples characterize the features of this format:

At Transfer at Ostfalia, researchers tell the knowledge and technology transfer community more about their research projects.

On the Science Communication website, the National Institute for Science Communication and Prof. Dr. Annette Leßmöllmann from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are in constant dialog.

Science communication at the university

  • The contact persons of the internal pilot project "Wissen.schafft.Kommunikation“ (WsK) are happy to assist you with further questions.
  • Please always observe the regulations and templates of University Development und Communication
  • Press releases are issued by the Ostfalia press office. Please inform yourself on the Intranet and contact the press office at an early stage.
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