Betreuung von studentischen Arbeiten (Team u. Digitalisierungs Projekte, Studienarbeiten, Baschelor und Masterarbeiten) im Bereich autonomes Fahren, autonome Systeme und automobil Software sind nach Absprache möglich. 

Hier wären einige mögliche Themen:

Thema Beschreibung

Localization of Slot Cars using RDNNs

Detect slot cars while driving on the race track using neural networks and report the localization data to the artificial intelligence modules.

Controlling a Vehicle on a Racetrack at Scale

Build a working artificial intelligence driving faster than a human.

Lane Change Advisor for Slot Car Racing

Build a module to decide if a lane change is beneficial for winning a slot car race (including demonstration)

Build an automated race control center

Organizing (e.g. starting) a race with multiple opponents requires an control center module.

Design a controller PCB for a slot car racing system

Interfacing with the slot car race track is currently done by experimental PCB that need to be improved, layouted and produced.

Build an in-car micro controller PCB for 1:43 slot cars

The standard way to run a slot car is done via the cloud. This theses should be a very small PCB that can run an artificial intelligence in the vehicle itself.

Build a realistic virtual simulation for a slot car racing setup using ROS2 and Webots

Working with a real world setup is often complicated. Using a virtual world helps to enhance test depth or test dangerous setups. In this theses, you should build a virtual twin of the real world slot car setup. Afterwards, it should be verified that the behavior of the virtual and real world are in line.

Building an autonomous mini drone for indoor flight

Building a Quadro copter drone from the ground up. Construct the frame, design & solder the PCBs, develop micro controller software, build an artificial intelligence for path following, create a localization solution, and many more… (for sure split into multiple theses by different students…)

Wenn sie ein eigenes Thema mitbringen (z.B. von einem Industriepartner) lassen sie uns darüber reden ob eine Betreuung möglich ist.